Wedding Wednesday Ceremony Deets 

I wish I could describe walking down the aisle but there are literally no words. I can tell you I had only string quartet music playing because I selected specific music for every part of the ceremony and our DJ did an amazing job with it. I can tell you that my son walked me down the aisle and that not tripping over my dress was honestly a concern. That thing was huge! I was a big ivory cupcake! I remember catching my grooms eye and nothing else in the world mattered. The ceremony was traditional and short. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of my husband’s.  We didn’t write our own vows or anything like that. Just the normal love honor cherish till death do us part kinda thing. The ceremony was a little chilly so we handed out the wedding favor of throw blankets early to keep everyone warm and they were a grand hit. And now here are some pics! I hope you enjoy. I’m also including a link to two of the songs used for the ceremony. My groom entrance and then of course my entrance! It was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life. I got so emotional but I made it through without crying barely. 

Groom entrance
Bride entrance
Happy wedding planning etc my loves! 


Nashville Hot Chicken -It’s a thing! 

So I live in Nashville and I have since I was a young girl. And one of the things I have never tried is Nashville Hot Chicken. It has started to become a famous thing. I’ve heard there are restaurants all over the country that are coming up with their own recipes and their own versions. 

Well as I said I had never tried it and thought that it should be done. Also never tried chicken and waffles. This had to be done as well. So my honey took me to his favorite hot chicken joint. 

Pepperfire Hot Chicken in East Nashville. We ordered up our chicken. My honey went with his traditional 3 piece and I did the chicken and waffles. 

So let me say this. The hype is real and it’s for a reason. I’ve not been a spicy anything fan ever. But I’m “warming up” to the idea. Haha get it! Anywho I will say this as well. The spicy of the chicken combined with the sweet of the waffle and syrup was the perfect combination and is now probably one of my favorite foods. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this combo but it was great. The spice levels are tricky and I will be honest I got the lightest amount of spice they had, with their actually being spice and well I couldn’t and wouldn’t dare go hotter. But man it was an awesome experience and if you are coming to Nashville or you happen to see it on a menu near you, give it a shot. Really you won’t regret it. Just start with the lightest spicy. Use caution my dears! 




Pardon me boys is that Chattanooga? 

What fun we get to have when we want to have some fun! My fiancé is an amazing human and being amazing means he knows amazing people. Last weekend we got to go and hang out with some of those amazing people he calls friends and check out their city Chattanooga! 

Image courtesy of 

We got into town late after driving straight from Nashville. Ok we stopped for dinner and had a great meal. It felt like a date. It was good stuff. I didn’t even stop to take a picture! lol! So we got in late, spent some time chatting, checking out their new home and just getting the lay of the land. We all agreed brunch the next morning was a must and we headed off to a great nights sleep! 

The next morning our hosts graciously let us sleep in! And then we were off to check out downtown Chattanooga and have a lovely brunch! For brunch we went to a place called Bitter Alibi. 

This is a bar by night with a basement that has a bar and board games.(yes chalkboard door how cool is that?) And then by day they serve amazing brunch! It was so much fun! First things first we ordered a carafe of mimosas because well brunch and mimosas. 

They also have specialty coffees  hot or iced. 

Oh and I mention I love selfies? 

  Now for the grub because that’s what we do! 

The special of the day was breakfast tacos made with corn tortillas (aka gluten free) so yes this was what I ordered. Chorizo and black beans, corn, feta I added the pico. It was fantastic. And those potatoes were slamming! 

  My man is a burrito fan so he got the el burrito with chorizo and had it topped with chorizo gravy. Yes it was as good as it looked. He gave me a bite minus flour tortilla! He’s so good to me. 

  The chattanoogans love food like we do. He had the burrito and she had this beautiful poached egg with avocado cream dish. I don’t know them well enough yet but I was thiiiis close to asking for a bite lol! 

 After our hearty and enjoyable breakfast we took to the streets to explore Chattanooga. 


I did not know that Chattanooga has become a go to place for rock climbing and outdoor living lifestyles. There were cyclists and runners everywhere. We had a great time exploring and this girl was in shape enough to not be worn out or out of breath during all this walking around which was pretty awesome! 

We went back to the host crib and chilled. It was then time to head back to our part of middle Tennessee. But before we left I made my only demand of the trip. Ice cream. 


So to be correct this is gelato and not ice cream. I got to try two flavors coffee and cream which you see here and lavender milk and honey. Both were unbelievable. My man had a shake made from the strawberry gelato. And the candies in the pic were fresh dark chocolate salted caramels to take home to the kid. So yummy and definitely satisfied my mini vacation sweet tooth. Sadly we finished our treats and it was time to head home. We said see yA later because we are so excited to go and visit again. And we headed off back down the mountains. I did get some scenic shots to share with you. 

 Love those mountains and love that man more. 

The next morning I caught these guys up the street. 

What is your latest mini adventure? Fall is in the air and I’m looking forward to more fall fun.