Friday Free For All

And here’s my rant for the week. I’m sure that many of you have heard about the “kids” that were not allowed to get on the plane because they were wearing leggings. Everyone, all over twitter and instagram and I’m assuming Facebook but I haven’t been on there browsing, was all up in arms about this airline telling these kids what they could and could not wear on a plane. Well then we hear the rest of the story, these kids were traveling free as guests of the airline based on employee passes that provided by the airline with some strict regulations as they are presenting the airline and expected to present themselves in a certain way. No here’s my thing. Why in the world did the woman who saw this happening and had no real idea of what was occurring think it was her place to put the incident on social media anyway? And why is the airline not allowed to place restrictions on their free perks for employees. We used to be able to do our own thing and not have everyone in the world have an opinion. Now you never know when someone is going to have an iPhone trigger finger just itching to get used. Rather then ask the girls if they were ok or find out more about the situation this person decided to just assume that something terrible was going on. So are we so terrible as a country that no matter the situation we just assume there is being an injustice and that as citizens we must complain about it or post about it on social media? The whole thing just baffled me. This person should have put their phone away and minded their own business.

Let’s remember people if someone is not physically being injured, if we are not in a position to truly assist another person we need to step back. Causing uproar when we don’t know the whole story can be far more damaging than just walking away from a situation that does not affect us in the slightest. Perhaps that sound cold but I’m pretty sure two girls wearing leggings in an airport while traveling with family is not a situation that I can do anything to assist. Now if this is a 4 year old traveling alone and she is scared I might step in, I might ask security to step in. But there is a big difference in being helpful and being a “poop stirrer”.

So having said that companies have every right to regulate how their perks are offered and make sure that the regulations they have attached are adhered to. My boss only let’s me wear jeans on Friday if I am wearing a company shirt. And while I may not always want to wear that shirt on Friday, I know that if I don’t I also can’t wear my jeans. And that is how it shall be until I own my own company and make the rules I want. But if that day never comes, I’ll keep wearing the company shirt so I can wear my jeans. And maybe next time those kids parents will make sure the read the guidelines and requirements a little more carefully to avoid such nonsense taking up space in my Twitter feed.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get to wear whatever you want while you are doing it, and if you don’t get to wear whatever you want, well I hope there is a really good reason why you don’t.



“Coffee Talk”

Hi guys! So today’s post is a little different. I’m linking you over to our new YouTube channel because it is going to be an in-person kinda coffee talk. I’m using this technology thing to hopefully make us all a little closer. I’m going to apologize now for lighting and the “um”s there are a bunch but well I’m nothing if not honest and I wanted you guys to be able to really see what it was like for my first time doing this Vlog thing! And I really do hope you guys like it and that we can keep it going. I have some big plans and hope you will all come along with me. Please leave comments for me here and on YouTube. I would love to hear from all of you. Suggestions or requests for content are always welcomed as well as you know telling me I’m awesome or that I might need a little work. I’m open to all of it. Thanks guys for hanging in there with me. This is going to be quite the journey and I’m kinda excited about it.

Coffee Talk



Smoothie MagicĀ 

So woot I’m back! I’m on my own coming up with ideas and since I can’t eat right now (my stomach hates me) I thought I would share a little smoothie treat. Make this a thirsty Thursday if you will! 

So the best smoothies in my opinion start with a banana. 

Add some berries, almond milk, hemp protein, some honey and some spinach for the win! It didn’t look to pretty but it was super tasty. 

So normally more sweetener may not be needed by most people but if you haven’t tried hemp protein I am here to tell you that it’s a little earthy so I needed a little more sweetness! But while earthy it’s really good and I like the natural aspect of it. Plant based you know! You can buy this here. But back to sweet!  So honey! And oh that honey! Seriously if you need a sweetener honey is just the way to go. And my favorite honey can be purchased here

What are you drinking on this thirsty Thursday?