Try-It Tuesday Cloud Bread 

If you are on Pinterest you have seen cloud bread. You have been curious about cloud bread. If you haven’t well let me tell you about cloud bread. Haha! I found this link Cloud Bread and decided that I should try it for something a little different than my normal 3 hour bread baking weekend ritual. It seemed like an easy enough task. 

I had all the ingredients ready to go! 

The one thing I didn’t do was pull out the hand mixer and well my results will tell you that I shouldn’t have been lazy! 

I think I did those egg whites some justice with my elbow grease though. Haha! Stuck them in the oven and well magic happened. 

They actually looked the way I thought they kind of should. They aren’t quite as fluffy as I was hoping hence I needed the hand mixer. 

But upon escape from the oven and a proper cooling phase I was very happy with the taste and thus I will definitely be trying this recipe again! I wish I could describe it properly it tastes like bread just a super light version. Nothing heavy about it at all. These didn’t last long in my house at all. 

Thanks Becca for an amazing recipe! 

Are you guys actually trying these things you find on Pinterest? May change these posts to “nailed it” type posts in the future. 

Until next time mangia my loves, 


Try It Tuesday Pork Edition 

We are a pork household. We love pork and all enjoy cooking it as well. Our smoker has seen better days so I had to try my hand at fixing a pork butt in the oven. 

That is how it turned out. A 7 pound butt cooked for 5 hours at 200 degrees covered in tin foil and then for 2 hours at 350 with the foil removed. I covered it with some homemade rub. The seasoning was excellent. We honestly missed a little bit of the smoky flavor that we get when we do a traditional butt in our smoker but overall excellent flavor and this just proves that you can cook a piece of meat as long as you have some heat and the time. 

My husband then made these amazing pulled pork sandwiches. 

Layer pork, BBQ sauce, a fried egg and some pimento cheese. Trust me the flavor is out of this world! 



Party Bites for the Holidays 

For Try-It Tuesday I want to share with you a recipe I created as a quick and easy solution for an appetizer or “party bite” for any parties you may throw or be invited to this holiday season or really anytime. 

I call them crab rolls. They are super tasty. You can make them as big or small as you would like. And I will have another tip for you later. The actual crab roll is not gluten free. But the inside can make a fabulous dip for chips or veggies and that can be made gluten free. 


2 packs of crescent rolls 

1 container of onion and chive cream cheese 

1 package imitation crab meat 

2 tsp Italian seasoning (or to taste) 

1-2 tsp garlic pepper (or to taste) 


Dice the imitation crab meat into smaller pieces. And put into a medium sized bowl. Slight warm the cream cheese this will allow it to mix more easily. Add the cream cheese and seasoning to the bowl and mix until combined. At this point you have an amazing dip for chips or veggies. And it can be made gluten free if you can find gluten free crab meat. To make the rolls open the crescent rolls and separate into triangles and then cut into half. Take a small amount of the crab mixture and put into the middle of the roll. Pull up the sides and seal. You will end up with rolls that look like the above. Place these rolls on a cookie sheet. Follow the instructions on the crescent rolls for baking. They should be done in 9-12 minutes. 

This is such a quick, easy and tasty appetizer. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Until next time familia



Faking it!

Sometimes I feel like a giant fake. When I’m at the gym, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m really just hoping I don’t fall off the treadmill and make a fool of myself. When I cook, I do my own thing, I don’t know all the tricks and the right words but I do enjoy it, so I guess that’s what matters.

Now as a 34 year old woman, I have been cooking for quite some time, but I am also very blessed with a boyfriend who has an awesome mother, who brings us yummy homemade food! It’s nice to have that homemade cooking sometimes even if you didn’t make it! This week, Mom brought us some spaghetti sauce. Now I adore spaghetti it’s one of my very favorite foods. But I am trying so hard to get healthy so I have been trying to stay away from pasta, or at least limiting it. Now I couldn’t possibly not eat the sauce and well I found a solution: Fake it!

I went and bought this little contraption called a veggetti. And I made pasta out of zucchini! Check it out! image1

I thought it worked wonderfully. It was super simple. Just push and twist the zucchini through the side that you want either thin or thick. You can see in the bottom of bowl the final little bit that was leftover from the veggetti. I thought it was a very small amount and wasn’t worried about waste.

There a couple of different ways to make your “fake” sketti. I chose to saute man with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.


When you put the zucchini in the pan, you can kind of separate your noodles. It’s so cool!


I had the sauce from Mom so I added that to the pan to heat it up with the “noodles”. But you can add the sauce after or however you prefer. I’m looking forward to trying some different recipes and sauces with this special tool and getting a lot more veggies into my diet this way.


Yummy!!! Pasta! Or well Faking it! 🙂 And check this out, yes you can really get the feeling of pasta, there is a twirl! Now the flavor was zucchini, but the consistency was similar enough to pasta that it was a trick to my system. Oh and I was super full after eating this bowl of food and didn’t even feel guilty about it. It was mostly veggies and some meat. The pasta which would have made this size of bowl so very unhealthy were not there. I am really excited about finding this new kitchen toy, I mean tool. 🙂

image5 (3)

Until next time Familia,


Where there’s smoke, there’s Pork!

image4 (2)

Not many women can look at their husband/boyfriend and say “I want some BBQ” and have him respond with a smile, “I’ll fire up the smoker.” Well this girl is that lucky!! And I am definitely appreciative. My amazing boyfriend will cook, grill or smoke just about anything I ask him to. So this weekend, I asked him for pulled pork BBQ. As he takes care of the meat, I try to make sure that I take care of the sides and extras for our meal. I wanted to try something different so I took a suggestion from one of my fave blogs  Cooking for Keeps made my own twist to her Corn Slaw. Neither of my boys are big fans of slaw but if it includes BBQ sauce and pork they are usually up for it. So this is what I came up with. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and I think the boys were as well. I’m going to keep working with this recipe.

image5 (2)

On another note, the BBQ sauces were both a first try for me, and I have to say I enjoyed Cattlemen’s. Both of the sauces pictured here were included with our meal and we all enjoyed them. Will definitely be trying them again. I used the Gold Sauce with my slaw and then used the regular sauce on top of the whole sandwich. So so good!

We served our pulled pork on wheat buns topped with cole slaw and some extra sauce. For sides we had baked beans and mashed potatoes. Super simple and wonderful meal. I might get my man to share some of his smoking secrets in a future post! But for now, here’s the slaw recipe!

BBQ Corn Coleslaw

1 package premade cole slaw (or mix of your choice)

1 can of yellow corn

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup – 1 cup BBQ sauce of choice

Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well. Refrigerate 2-4 hours or overnight. This can be used as a basic side or this can be used as a topping for your favorite BBQ pork sandwich. The corn adds a nice sweetness that was really exciting in the slaw and the BBQ sauce made up the tang that is needed for a good slaw. I hope you will give it a try!

image1 (2) image2 (3) image6 (2)

Until next time Familia,


Dear Salad

Dear Salad,

I want to love you. I really do. It’s not you, it’s me. I have a desire for something creamy, crunchy, or cheesy, and have I mentioned I ❤ bacon? All of the things about you that make you so good for me, I insist on covering up with things that are so bad for me. I am truly on a mission to find a happy balance so that we might co-exist in peace and allow you to provide me with the nutrients I so desperately need but allow me to actually enjoy you, one fabulous forkful at a time.




How many of you have written the same sad letter regarding salads or other healthy foods? It’s so hard because there may be things about these foods that you really do love. I know that I really do actually like the fresh taste of lettuce and the crunch. And let me tell you cucumbers are my jam!!! But when it comes time to eat this wonderful healthy and filling food, something in my mind snaps and I add ranch dressing and cheese and bacon bits and crutons. All of those things take this healthy start I had and turn into something that is going ot clog my arteries and before it’s all said and done, I should have just had a Big Mac and Coke. SO I am on a mission to make some fun and interesting salads that satisfy the taste buds but remain healthy. Here’s my first attempt:

Strawberries and Champagne for Lunch

Pre-made salad mix – Lettuce and carrots (or make your own base salad from your favorite greens and veggies)

1 cup sliced strawberries

1 can of chicken (or 1 boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast cut to your preference slice or dice)

2 Tablespoons Light Champagne Salad Dressing (you should be able to find in your local grocery store in the dressing aisle).

Put the amount of base salad into the bowl that you desire, I usually put one to two cups depending on how hungry I am. Add the strawberries next. I chose to heat my chicken because I wanted a warm aspect to the salad. You can also leave the chicken cold if you prefer. Next cover the whole dish with the light champagne dressing. Super simple and Super yummy! I’m looking forward to trying some different combinations. The first time I had strawberries in my salad was at my boyfriend’s parent’s house. I had never really understood fruit in salad but man you are missing out if you don’t give it a try! I will update this post with nutritional information ASAP but in the meantime I hope you will try it and enjoy it. How do you make your salads interesting?

Until Next Time…Mangia!

Weight Watchers Points Plus – 4 Points