Try-It Tuesday Cloud Bread 

If you are on Pinterest you have seen cloud bread. You have been curious about cloud bread. If you haven’t well let me tell you about cloud bread. Haha! I found this link Cloud Bread and decided that I should try it for something a little different than my normal 3 hour bread baking weekend ritual. It seemed like an easy enough task. 

I had all the ingredients ready to go! 

The one thing I didn’t do was pull out the hand mixer and well my results will tell you that I shouldn’t have been lazy! 

I think I did those egg whites some justice with my elbow grease though. Haha! Stuck them in the oven and well magic happened. 

They actually looked the way I thought they kind of should. They aren’t quite as fluffy as I was hoping hence I needed the hand mixer. 

But upon escape from the oven and a proper cooling phase I was very happy with the taste and thus I will definitely be trying this recipe again! I wish I could describe it properly it tastes like bread just a super light version. Nothing heavy about it at all. These didn’t last long in my house at all. 

Thanks Becca for an amazing recipe! 

Are you guys actually trying these things you find on Pinterest? May change these posts to “nailed it” type posts in the future. 

Until next time mangia my loves, 


Miso Cauliflower Dreams

So I have been dreaming about the miso cauliflower since eating at Virago. You can find my post reviewing the restaurant here

I began searching the Internet for a miso cauliflower recipe. It was a quick search. I found a great recipe here. I’m actually excited to search this blog for even more exciting recipes. The main ingredient is miso paste. I did not realize that this ingredient would be so hard to find. Anyway thank goodness for Amazon. 

I made a few minor adjustments based on the other ingredients I had on hand. And well it worked! My man doesn’t necessarily like veggies and when I told him what I was making he said have fun with that lol! However when I brought him the finished product to taste he kinda really loved it. I loved it too and I’m excited to try some other recipes with the miso paste. So I hope you look forward to hearing more from me! It wasn’t quite as good with as Virago’s but I’m going to keep trying. Until next time my dears! Mangia! 



Grubbing like we do…

One day driving down the road to the good ol Wally World we saw a sign for a new restaurant in our little ol home town of Hendersonville, TN. 

The Lost Cajun – could it be true. Could there be a little Cajun spice in our neck of the woods? My boys love spicy food and I love love regional specialties think shrimp and grits (Carolinas) Gumbo (Louisiana) Lobster Roll (Maine) and huge steaks (Texas). So we had to give it a shot. 

When we were seated, they brought us samples of their main dishes/sauces so we could check out what we liked. I did have some little bites but roux is made with flour and well that’s just not safe for my poor poor tummy. I will say though if there were a pill I could take for relief, the lobster bisque would be my all time favorite gluten cheat meal! It was the creamiest thing and so decadent. I could eat it non stop. 

We did however go ahead and order all this yumminess. 

Picnic style dining at its finest. Red beans and rice with extra andouille for me. Catfish étouffée for my man. Jambalaya for the kid! There were some beignets for dessert but I couldn’t get pics they went too fast and yes this gluten free momma took the chance and had just a bite and it was soooo yummy. I didn’t feel great the next day but it wasn’t too horrible. The guys declared great food. Not quite spicy enough for them. But good all the same. 

So if you are interested in trying a little Nawlins’ in your neck of the woods here is a better pic with their information. The facebook link is for our local location and the web link is for the corporate market so you can find a location close to you! 

Corporate website 

I hope you will give it a shot! It was totally worth it. We all had a great meal and of course family time is always special! 


Until next time familia mangia!