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Wonderful Wednesday my amazing reader friends!!!

I hope your week is going awesome! Mine has been a little weird. I have not been feeling well but I’m pushing through! I have been reading and watching a lot of movies lately as I have been on the treadmill a lot and well that’s what I do, other than walk of course, on the treadmill.

One of the movies I watched recently was today’s review!

First, let me say isn’s Lily James just the best? I just think she is absolutely adorable and a wonderful actress. I reviewed the book a few weeks ago and you all know I really loved it! Here is the review in case you missed it!

The movie is different then the book. I will be honest and tell you up front I liked the book better. The movie jumps into the story so quickly and the book really develops the relationships between the characters. I prefer the more in-depth look at all the relationships.

As a book lover, I have to say the idea of the story and a book bringing people together makes my heart happy! I am also a big history buff so a movie based on this time in history is fascinating. One thing that was easier to recognize in the movie quicker than the book was the chemistry between the main characters. In the book I imagined Dawsey older as a fatherly figure until the end. With the movie, Dawsey is presented as a handsome potential love interest.

I’m going to give this a ­čŹ┐­čŹ┐­čŹ┐­čŹ┐ out of 5. Only 4 because I felt the character development was a little rushed in the movie. The story is still true to itself but definitely a little lacking. Lily James is worth watching alone but it’s a good movie if you need a heartwarming afternoon.

Love and ­čŹ┐,


Our Venue Search 

I have an amazing fianc├ę who has truly enjoyed being involved with the planning process, at least this is what he tells me and I choose to believe it. But in all seriousness he has had visions for our wedding as much as I have. One of the things that he specifically wanted was a historic chapel. We attended a wedding of some of his friends and the historic venue really touched both of us right in the heart. So we began looking for historic venues and other areas that we found beautiful. Ok well I began searching and provided him with some options.

The first venue that we chose to visit was The Hermitage. This is the historical home of President Andrew Jackson and right near where we both grew up and not too far from where we still live. They had a historic chapel which appealed to my man and they had just a general beautiful and historic feel which appealed to me. Here is a link to all that they have to offer. The Hermitage

We got to visit and explore all of the different sites. That was another appealing part of this venue, there were multiple venues within it. As you can tell from the pictures my honey was thrilled to be visiting this day!

This was the Cabin by the Spring.

This is from the historic chapel and can I just tell you how in love I am with the brick flooring and by the way it’s original.

This was the Tulip Grove mansion. That staircase is what dreams are made of and those chandeliers are just gorgeous. And as we were talking about the property and asking questions, we looked up and


Yep there were some deer checking us out. Wondering if they were picking a wedding venue of their own!

So needless to say, as we drove away and talked about it, we decided there was literally no point in even visiting the other venues. We were completely in love and picked our Venue! So we are getting married at the historical home of Andrew Jackson, the Hermitage and the only surprise for you later will be specifically which part of the property we actually chose.

How does a couple go about choosing the right venue? Well I wish I had some good advice for you regarding that but well, it was just too easy for us. We literally felt it in our bones while we were there. It just felt like the perfect place for us to start our life together. But here are some recommendations of how to choose from some that are authorities at least more so then me.

WedBites is a blog I found that is just really awesome for all things wedding.Expect me to link back to this page a lot unless they ask me not to!  Lots of great tips in just the right sized doses. Valuable information that you can use and understand. Click here for WedBites take on the venue search.

A Practical Wedding offers up their suggestions here.

And of course there is always the tried and true Bridal Guide.

No matter which options you look at and what venue you choose just remember it’s going to be fun and you should both love the site and be able to see it as the place you say I do! And now that the venue has been selected so many other things can happen!

Can’t wait to share the rest of the story with you. Happy weddinging LOL!




100 – what a number┬á

For a tv show to be “viable” for syndication it has to have 100 episodes. 

Think Friends, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, etc.

So many important things were formed 100 years ago. 

PGA, National Park Service, BMW, Boy Scouts of America, the list goes on. 

And some specific fun 100 facts for my real girls out there: 

In 1916, Mary Pickford was the first female film star to get a million dollar contract. 

Also in 1916, Jeanette Rankin was elected the first female representative in Congrass. 

But the reason you are all here reading this today is because well..

This is my 100th post! All those things happened 100 years ago. I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen in the next 100 and I mean posts lol! 

Thank you for joining me in this crazy journey of me figuring out what’s “real”. Here’s hoping for 100 more! 



What makes you happy? 

Happy is such a subjective term. I am a very simple woman. I would say there are those in my life including my fianc├ę and my son who would say that I’m almost child like. I get happy by a sunny day or a snowy day or a rain day when I can wear my rain boots and jump in puddles. 

Rainbows after the rain, flowers from the rain. Oh and glitter!

New makeup, a new purse, a comfy throw, snuggling, when my puppy wags her tail 

The sound of the ocean, the beach, watching sharks swim, 

Ice cream, snowmen, a perfect steak, the color pink, penguins 

Girl talk with my mom 

My son! 

My Fianc├ę 

My besties 

Visiting historical places 

Happy children, sunsets, fall. 

These are just a few of the things that make me happy. Being happy is a choice. It’s not always easy but you can choose it. Go make yourself happy today. That’s my plan! 



Favorite Subject in School? 

This is probably the easiest question of the whole 30 day challenge. My favorite was reading and writing which led to a passion for history. 

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto at

Communication is key to everything in life from how we express ourselves to how we interpret what comes at us. These lessons are found all throughout the teaching we experience in reading, writing and even history. 

Cultural differences can affect interpretation even in reading and writing lessons as well as history. Believe me if you were raised in NY it was different than if you were raised in TN or perhaps if you were raised in a different country. I’m fascinated by people and places and how we have changed over time. I’ve found a healthy desire to read brought me better understanding and enjoyment out of classes like history, sociology, etc. 

Now sadly my brain works in a special way and all of this abstract stuff I got. Sadly math and science eluded me. I still have a hard time with math. But well I guess it’s good I learned some. I can balance the checkbook and it helps to plan an event. Haha wedding cake for 125 is How much per piece? 

But really I just loved school. I was never picked on. At least not that I remember or cared about much after it happened. I wasn’t popular but I had friends and I feel like I had quite a few. I was opinionated and liked to participate in my classes and drive my teachers crazy I’m sure. But mostly I just loved learning and I loved the social experiment that was school. We are all so different and yet all the same especially during those formative years. I realize not a lot of people loved their school experience but mine wasn’t bad. Even if I did graduate with a kid on my hip lol! I still learned and I still developed some good habits that have treated my well as an adult. And my love of reading, writing and history are all very much a part of who I am today.

What did you like in school? 



Travel Thursday – Louisville┬á

Louisville was such a fun place to visit. And I can’t wait to return. One of my favorite thing to do is explore historical places. And that place for me on this particular trip was Conrad Caldwell House. 

 The dress in the photo was the dress on the couch below. I was more impressed the frame was original. 

A dream place setting to say the least. Monogram is my jam!   
 Original doorways. Check the intricacy of the woodwork. 

Oh the staircase. This is a piece of beauty that you should visit if there is any way. It’s worth the trip. 

  My cookbook fascination went nuts when I came across these little babies! 

 This painting was commissioned by one of the owners of the house. I wish I had paid better attention but it’s amazing and huge! 

Again fascinating detailed woodwork. 

Stain glassed window if you please! 

 Well of course it’s a wedding dress because I’m obsessed. Lol! 

 An amazing tour! This historical home is a must see. Check out their website Conrad Caldwell House and if you are in Louisville you should visit. It’s worth it! 



Louisville Continued 

The Frazier History Museum was amazing and this is the second post to share with you about that experience. So the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous portion of the museum exhibit was right up my alley. Historic clothing and accessories. It was so much fun to see. 


The Louis Vuitton trunk, the wedding dress, the carriage oh my! Oh how I adore history!