Try-It Tuesday Cloud Bread 

If you are on Pinterest you have seen cloud bread. You have been curious about cloud bread. If you haven’t well let me tell you about cloud bread. Haha! I found this link Cloud Bread and decided that I should try it for something a little different than my normal 3 hour bread baking weekend ritual. It seemed like an easy enough task. 

I had all the ingredients ready to go! 

The one thing I didn’t do was pull out the hand mixer and well my results will tell you that I shouldn’t have been lazy! 

I think I did those egg whites some justice with my elbow grease though. Haha! Stuck them in the oven and well magic happened. 

They actually looked the way I thought they kind of should. They aren’t quite as fluffy as I was hoping hence I needed the hand mixer. 

But upon escape from the oven and a proper cooling phase I was very happy with the taste and thus I will definitely be trying this recipe again! I wish I could describe it properly it tastes like bread just a super light version. Nothing heavy about it at all. These didn’t last long in my house at all. 

Thanks Becca for an amazing recipe! 

Are you guys actually trying these things you find on Pinterest? May change these posts to “nailed it” type posts in the future. 

Until next time mangia my loves, 

Try-it Tuesday – Gluten Free Pizza 2

So in a post last week I talked about a frozen gluten free pizza that was very tasty. This week I’m telling you my review of a mainstream gluten free pie. 

We have pizza at our house almost every Friday night. It’s one night when we have a family meal and it’s just so special to me. Well this particular week (last week) we chose to order from Pizza Hut because they have a gluten free option. 

Yep that’s right they use an Udi’s crust and well the toppings are still very much Pizza Hut. I ordered the meat lovers because meat! 

So as you can tell from the picture the Crust is very thin and thus very crunchy. Not my favorite kind of Crust. If you are into thin crust already this pie is for you! If you like a hand tossed or even a NY style pie I’m afraid your enjoyment of this pie will be about like mine – seriously lacking. 

So I guess the verdict is if you really want a gluten free pie and you are already ordering from Pizza Hut go for it. You will get the same sauce and toppings that you have always known and loved from The Hut! But if you are not a fan of thin or crunchy Crust I would suggest skipping this pie. 

I know most of my reviews are very positive but I have quite a few gluten free friends following my blog so I really want to be honest above anything and tell you about my real experience and unfortunately sometimes that experience isn’t good. 

How do you like your pie? 


Try-It Tuesday Gluten Free Pizza

I have decided that I can not have Gluten. It makes me feel bad and my body just really is not happy when I have gluten. But herein lies a problem because some of my all time favorite foods are gluten bombs just waiting to happen. Let me just provide you with exhibit A: PIZZA. Now a glorious New York style pie (super large piece, thinner crust that can be folded with lots of cheese). Now in my home town of Nashville, TN there is not a lot of NY style pie to be found but pizza in general just does it for me. I get excited and happy and relish in every bite. So not being able to have gluten has created a problem for me. There are multiple large chains that have recognized this gluten phenomena and have responded in kind with gluten free crust options, I’m looking at you Pizza Hut and Papa Murphy’s. And their pizzas are good, I will do reviews for you one day for those specific companies but today I’m talking about the good ol frozen pizza. This is anther type of pizza all on it’s own. You get a frozen pizza and there are steps to ensure proper enjoyment. First you must have a dipping sauce. Sometimes that sauce is buffalo and sometimes that sauce is Ranch, sometimes it’s just plain ol Ketchup but it’s a requirement people and these companies know it.

Anyway, I wanted to find a gluten free option to keep one or two pies in the freezer for me, because there are some nights I have to have a solo dinner and some nights that my boys order a pizza and forget to order a gluten free one for me too. So I found this:


So if I’m not doing a pizza with all of the meat then this is my go to. Margherita. It’s just fun to say right? So I could  go into all the details about what’s in it and the nutritional information but that’s not why you come to this site. You come to my page to get the real scoop, the flavor scoop. So here’s a link to the company’s website with the specifics on this pie. 

When I opened the package I was nervous to see what it might look like. It’s always scary when you try something for the first time isn’t it? Here’s how it looked. 

I really loved seeing all the spices. It just makes me happy to see spices. Not sure if that’s normal or not but it’s the truth. So I put that bad boy in the oven. And waited what felt like forever but then the amazing smell of pizza started coming from the oven and then I waited too long because the cheese didn’t quite look melted so I think I may have cooked it too long but here is the result. 

Slightly browner and crunchier than I would normally like but the flavor was there. Everything was tasty about this pizza. I could have probably used a little more cheese but I think that if I hadn’t let it get quite so brown I would have had plenty. All in all this was a great frozen pie and I would highly recommend giving this brand a try. The crust had a great flavor that was not cardboardish at all. And trust me not all gluten free pizza is created equal. 

Mangia my darlings. Until next time. 




Chicken Diet oh the monotony! 

Chicken and brown rice. Just the sounds of it is boring huh? Well when you are trying to get healthy and eat right and possibly on a cleanse this is the food you have to eat. Along with your fruits and veggies and healthy fats lol! So I had a crazy plan to make three different dishes from one package of chicken! Here’s what happened! 


Red beans and rice with chicken instead of sausage. It’s soooo good! 

I call this fiesta chicken. Add some salsa on top just before serving and delish! You could of course add cheese and sour cream but not quite as healthy right? Haha! It’s actually very tasty as is I was impressed and the 18 year old liked it too! 


Alright so the last one was a seriously last one and I just had to do something different. So I took a can of manwich and added that to the chicken and then added some brown rice when it was all cooked through. It’s like bbq chicken and a good way to use a random can I had in the cabinet. Not the best as far as healthy because there is a lot of sugar in manwich but a new take on a classic dish that was very tasty! 

So what fun and exciting thing have you done to chicken lately? 

Until next time Mangia, 


Random Food Musings 

So sometimes you have to make random food items work for you. Especially when you have to live a gluten free Lifestyle. So today I’m sharing with you some random inventions of mine. 

The first is these nachos: 

So  these are buffalo pork nachos. Yes you heard that right. We made a pork loin in the crock pot and then smothered it with buffalo sauce. Of course at home we had that as a regular meal. But I wanted to take left overs for lunch the next day. So I came up with this! 

Heat the buffalo pork with half a can of drained and rinsed black beans. Put chips on a microwave safe dish. Top chips with the pork and bean mixture and then top with shredded cheese. Put back in the microwave for 1-2 min or until cheese is melted. And then what goes with buffalo well ranch of course. Drizzle a little ranch on top and you are good to go! So yummy and definitely a wake up from a boring work lunch. Ps it didn’t cost as much as going out either! Lol! 

Next up is this salad 

So for this salad I just started with a bag of salad. They are so easy to just keep in the fridge. I topped the salad with some canned chicken. Again super easy to have around and add some protein to your meal. Next I topped that with half a can of black beans drained and rinsed of course. And then a can of Rotel and finally some cheese. I wanted to kinda melt my cheese a little so I put the plate in the microwave for like 30 seconds. Topped with some ranch and there you go. A very filling and so satisfying lunch. Not just your regular chicken salad! 🙂 

See even random cans in your cabinet (or maybe a drawer at work) can be combined to create something really good and fresh. What is your last lunch creation? 

Until next time mangia! 




Gluten free Stuffing and such 

For Try-it Tuesday I wanted to share with you all one of the new recipes I tried for Thanksgiving. I am going to be honest and tell you I didn’t take near enough pictures at Thanksgiving and I am fighting a horrible migraine so this is going to be a short post. But as I was saying stuffing…

Stuffing and mashed potatoes are probably my Thanksgiving staples next to the Parade! I didn’t know how to survive without stuffing and I was scared to try. So I started scouring the Internet for recipes and ideas. I found a recipe called – Awesome Sausage Apple Cranberry Stuffing on and decided that sounded yummy and different and gluten free bread could be used without too much notice by my family! 

The only change to the recipe I made was using sage sausage instead of regular turkey sausage and gluten free bread instead of the regular white and wheat it called for. I did not stuff the turkey but baked it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit covered and then 15 minutes uncovered. 

Here is the link to the recipe  Awesome Sausage Apple and Cranberry Stuffing  
It was a hit! My fiancé has asked for me to make it again for Christmas dinner and I will gladly oblige. And now for some random Thanksgiving pics I do actually have! And yes these were two different days we had back to back Thanksgiving with all of our family! It was awesome and I am blessed beyond words. 

Wait is that my wine or yours?   
Future mother in law cooking up for the whole crew. 

We are so silly! 

This is the best banana pudding ever and I will definitely be sharing this recipe for holiday events to come! 

My little boy is growing up too fast! Oh the mustache! 

 Honey and brother in law checking out the game. 

I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that maybe you tried a new recipe this year! If you did please share! 



Pork multi ways

When we smoke pork it is an event. There is a large amount of pork butt that is created. Here is a sample. 

So when you have this much pork there are only so many plates of bbq or pulled pork sandwiches that you can eat. And thus you have to become creative! 

First up is this little concoction. 

Potatoes, pork, chili, cheese and sour cream. We shall call you Bbq kitchen sink. Very yummy indeed and the smoked pork made for a nice change from what could have just been bacon for a loaded potato. 

Boil potatoes (chunked) 

Top with chili 

Top that with pulled pork 

Top that with cheese 

Top that with sour cream 


This is bbq frito pie 

Make a layer of Fritos 

Top with bbq pulled pork 

Top with cheese 

Heat until cheese is melted 

Take 2 tablespoons of sour cream and one tablespoon of bbq sauce. Mix together and put on top of dish. So good! 

Next: Siracha Style 

My son makes ramen noodles with fried eggs. It tastes very similar to fried rice. He decided to add some pork and top that with Siracha sauce. He loved it. I did not get to try this dish but it’s Asian flair inspired this: 

Spicy Peanut Pork and Noodles 

This was my take on a spicy pork dish. I started with some cabbage. 1/2 a head to be exact. 

Into the giant skillet it goes with 3-4 tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons of water. Cook it down over medium heat. 

It tastes so buttery and good I could have stopped here. But keep going. It’s time to start the peanut sauce. Get a sauce pan and add crunchy peanut butter I think it was about 3/4 of a cup. 

 Next you need some Worcestershire  just a splash 

Next up balsamic vinegar. Again just a splash. Maybe 1 tablespoon. 

Now for some sweet, a tablespoon of honey 

And now it’s looking good getting warmed up and mixed together now for the heat. 

A sprinkle of red pepper flakes adds that backend heat that is just right for this dish. 

Let the sauce cook on low heat while you stir. Now it’s time to add some pork to the cabbage 

The pork is already cooked so it’s warming through and finishing the cabbage. 

The sauce turns a beautiful caramel color. We want to add it to the pork and cabbage mixture. 

And for the finishing touch rice or noodles of your choice. We had gluten free spaghetti on hand so I went with those. 

It was a great treat. My guys both loved it. It will be my lunch today as well. This is just one post about how we make leftovers last and be more interesting. Do you have any special tricks for leftovers? 

Until next time familia,