I made that! French Onion Soup 

So I have been making bread lately and if you follow me on Instagram you will know it’s a thing for me right now I just can’t stop. A new loaf made every weekend. But with warm bread comes the thought of soup. We had a very cool Saturday and it felt like Soup weather. I had learned a while back that my husband’s favorite Soup was French onion. In searching for Soup to make this weekend I remembered I had a French bistro cook book and figured it would have something good! I of course found what I hope is an authentic recipe for onion soup. 

I gathered my ingredients according to the recipe above and went to work. 

After you have made your soup you have to assemble the dish. I didn’t have my ramekins (they are in storage) but I had some oven safe Pyrex. 

I toasted the homemade potato garlic bread and then cut to fit the soup bowls and topped the whole thing with shredded Swiss cheese. 

Now you are supposed to put this under the broiler until the cheese is brown and bubbly unfortunately these dishes aren’t safe for the broiler so I just put the oven up as high as safe for the cookware and watched it closely until the cheese was melted. 

The soup was a hit and I got the seal of approval from both my guys. I will be making this dish again. 

What did you make this weekend? 



Pot Roast to the Rescue 

So not being able to eat much lately and just really needing some comfort food it was time for a good old fashioned roast. I wanted a new recipe though because for try-it Tuesday I always like to try something new. So I looked to Pioneer Woman and found her Perfect Pot Roast. Please see her recipe here

The biggest difference from her roast is that at the 1.5 hour mark (halfway through for my roast) I added potatoes. And they cooked perfectly. The recipe lived up to the hype. The meat was cooked beautifully, the carrots maintained an amazing texture I really enjoyed. I tried my hand at a gravy but it still needs some work! All in all a little home cooking comfort food was what I needed and didn’t make me too horribly sick afterward which was great. 

Have you tried any new recipes lately?