Drink Review – Nelson’s Favorite Rita

Sometimes when you go out to eat it’s just fun to have a new cocktail. I am a very big fan of margaritas. I’m sure others in my life are not fans of how much of a fan I am lol! Luckily, my husband indulges and our last trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant he found this amazing drink on the menu for me!

So that is a mini bottle of Riunite inside of a giant frozen original margarita. The flavor is an amazing combination of sweet and tangy. The wine creates a unique bloom as you sip this cocktail.

I loved how you could see both drinks in the straw. Clearly I enjoyed this baby!

I love drinks that are a little sweet and a lot fun! Next time you hit up your favorite bar or restaurant see what fun new cocktails they may have!

Here is what it looked like after I poured the remaining wine.

So pretty and tasty!

Happy 🍹 my friends!


Wedding Wednesday Ceremony Deets 

I wish I could describe walking down the aisle but there are literally no words. I can tell you I had only string quartet music playing because I selected specific music for every part of the ceremony and our DJ did an amazing job with it. I can tell you that my son walked me down the aisle and that not tripping over my dress was honestly a concern. That thing was huge! I was a big ivory cupcake! I remember catching my grooms eye and nothing else in the world mattered. The ceremony was traditional and short. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of my husband’s.  We didn’t write our own vows or anything like that. Just the normal love honor cherish till death do us part kinda thing. The ceremony was a little chilly so we handed out the wedding favor of throw blankets early to keep everyone warm and they were a grand hit. And now here are some pics! I hope you enjoy. I’m also including a link to two of the songs used for the ceremony. My groom entrance and then of course my entrance! It was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life. I got so emotional but I made it through without crying barely. 

Groom entrance
Bride entrance
Happy wedding planning etc my loves! 

Birthday Girl!!! 

Today I’m celebrating my 36th birthday!!! I have been on this earth for 36 years. I’m proud of my age and don’t mind shouting it from the rooftops. 

I was a bald baby and I was chunky and happy most of the time. 

Teenage years were tough but luckily my mother continued to love me anyway! 

I love fall! 

I love being silly! And my smile never changes lol! 

I know we shouldn’t be prideful and I know we should not always be thinking of ourselves. But today is my day and I’m going to celebrate being me because me isn’t so bad. I’m excited to have dinner with my family tonight at a new restaurant and maybe get to pick some tv for us to watch. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember sometimes it’s nice to think of all the good things about ourselves and it’s definitely good for the soul! 



Yo’ Mama!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day! This weekend, I got to spend some amazing time with my son and some great time with my mama! I’m a lucky lucky lady!

I will talk more about the weekend and the amazing food we had on another day but right now I wanted to talk about my mom!


She is a gorgeous lady! I’m not just saying that because everyone thinks that we look alike but because I really think she’s beautiful, inside and out! She always thinks of others and she loves us with all of her heart.


She is a super smart lady! She went back to school later in life and she got an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree and then on to get her Master’s Degree! All as an adult. I’m so stinking proud of her. And I will admit, when I was younger, I didn’t realize how smart she was, or maybe I was just too stubborn to admit it, but now I definitely realize that she is a super smart chic!


She is a funny lady! She has a great sense of humor and she has an infectious laugh that she got from my grandpa and then so lovingly passed along to me. She can find the funny in a moment when the stress is overwhelming for others. She likes to make others laugh and bring out the best in all of our family.


She let’s me be me! She celebrates who I am. She appreciates the fact that we are totally different. My mom is shy and she is not the first to walk into a party and get people talking. I am the complete opposite. I never met a stranger and I love to be the center of attention, in a good way I promise 😉 She has told me how much she loves that part of me, and she encourages me to learn more about myself and embrace the things about me that sometimes I don’t understand. She knows when something is wrong simply by the sound of my voice, the same when something is great!


She is an amazing Neena! She loves her grandson so much and she has helped to raise him to be the amazing kid that he is. She gives her time and attention to him whenever he needs it and she is so quick to help with anything for him that he might need or want. It’s really amazing how much she loves that kid! I can even forgive not always being first anymore since he was born!

Simply put, I think you are awesome Mommy! I love you so much! You are an amazing human being and I’m so lucky to call you my mom! Happy Mother’s Day!