Upping the Veggie Factor

So sometimes I just crave veggies. I like to have more in my diet but I don’t always just want a plain steamed or boiled veggie. So my sweet boys aren’t always fond of veggies like me and they do consider French fries as a vegetable choice on a menu. We made a pork butt this past week. And we needed some sides if you will! 

I found this special recipe on my favorite website AllRecipes.com. 

Fauxtato Salad 

The result was very tasty. I wouldn’t consider it a true trick taste. I would say a reasonable substitute but not something that is going to fool anyone. The boys liked it but I think they would like my regular potato salad better. And the ice bath thing for easy shelling of the hard boiled eggs did not work. 

Overall this was a great recipe and I definitely would recommend that you try it. 




Miso Cauliflower Dreams

So I have been dreaming about the miso cauliflower since eating at Virago. You can find my post reviewing the restaurant here

I began searching the Internet for a miso cauliflower recipe. It was a quick search. I found a great recipe here. I’m actually excited to search this blog for even more exciting recipes. The main ingredient is miso paste. I did not realize that this ingredient would be so hard to find. Anyway thank goodness for Amazon. 

I made a few minor adjustments based on the other ingredients I had on hand. And well it worked! My man doesn’t necessarily like veggies and when I told him what I was making he said have fun with that lol! However when I brought him the finished product to taste he kinda really loved it. I loved it too and I’m excited to try some other recipes with the miso paste. So I hope you look forward to hearing more from me! It wasn’t quite as good with as Virago’s but I’m going to keep trying. Until next time my dears! Mangia! 



Virago Restaurant Review 

So on my girl’s night a while back we finished our shopping fun with an amazing dinner at Virago in downtown Nashville. I love that my hometown is getting so many amazing restaurants and getting quite the reputation for culinary experiences. 

I wish I could tell you what this cocktail was but I wanted something fun and non-alcoholic (I was driving) and our wonderful bartender made this for me and it didn’t have a name. But man it was good. 

Miso soup is always a hit. And their’s was no joke. Up there with my favorite. 

Edamame is one of my favorite treats. 

Duck confit bowl. All I can say is wow! 

Miso cauliflower. Of everything that I had that night this was literally my favorite. It was misorific!  

My gorgeous bestie! 

Did I mention they had sushi! 

All in all we had a fabulous evening! The food was really great. The company was even better and who knew cauliflower could be so amazing! 

If you are ever in Nashville I hope you will give this restaurant a try! Here’s their website to plan your trip! 

Virago Nashville
And until then, mangia!