Smoothie MagicĀ 

So woot I’m back! I’m on my own coming up with ideas and since I can’t eat right now (my stomach hates me) I thought I would share a little smoothie treat. Make this a thirsty Thursday if you will! 

So the best smoothies in my opinion start with a banana. 

Add some berries, almond milk, hemp protein, some honey and some spinach for the win! It didn’t look to pretty but it was super tasty. 

So normally more sweetener may not be needed by most people but if you haven’t tried hemp protein I am here to tell you that it’s a little earthy so I needed a little more sweetness! But while earthy it’s really good and I like the natural aspect of it. Plant based you know! You can buy this here. But back to sweet!  So honey! And oh that honey! Seriously if you need a sweetener honey is just the way to go. And my favorite honey can be purchased here

What are you drinking on this thirsty Thursday?