Bring in the Girls

Once we were engaged and we had chose our venue, the next step was to chose who would stand beside us while we said I do to each other. It was easy for me to choose those girls that would stand beside me. My sister of course to be my Matron of Honor, three of my closest friends (seriously I have been friends with these girls since we were 12 years old), and then my new nieces would be my Junior Bridesmaid and my flower girl. Simple lineup huh? But how to ask. There is pin after pin on Pinterest of how to “ask” your girls or even the guys. I’ll do a post on how we did that later. Anyway, I had to come up with an idea and I came up with a plan but I needed my ever talented mother’s help. Here is the picture that lead to my inspiration.


I decided I wanted to do cookies and ask them in a really fun way. Here are the cookie cutters that I found online to make them.


We ordered the cookie cutters and my sweet amazing mother that can make anything said that she would help me. She found an amazing cookie recipe and the royal icing recipe so that she could make my vision come to life.


I purchased these awesome pens that allowed me to write on the royal icing and make it actually legible. So when the cookies were lined up they have the girls name and say “Jennifer Will You Be My” and then the dress is symbol for bridesmaid. And lastly the bell has the date of our wedding. We used the peach and grey that are our wedding colors. There will be another post talking about colors shortly.


I did the bells myself and I did all of the lettering. I did some of the piping on my heart with the girls’ names and my mommy did like everything else. I try to be a doer and I totally would have done all of this myself but well I’m not as talented as my mommy!

I wrote each girl a personal note about why I would like her to be my bridesmaid and how much she means to me And then I put the note on top and sealed up the boxes. Oh and the cookies were delicious by the way.


For my younger girls, I found a smaller box and “asked them to by my girls” with a ring pop and an official on one knee proposal. I’m lucky that everyone accepted and the fun is getting better and better. I’m so blessed to have my friends and family that want to share in this special experience with us.

No matter how you choose to ask those special people in your life to stand with you, just remember that it is supposed to be a fun time and when choosing those that are going to stand beside you, just pick those that will make sure that you have a fun time and enjoy the process.

Happy Weddinging.





Our Venue Search 

I have an amazing fiancé who has truly enjoyed being involved with the planning process, at least this is what he tells me and I choose to believe it. But in all seriousness he has had visions for our wedding as much as I have. One of the things that he specifically wanted was a historic chapel. We attended a wedding of some of his friends and the historic venue really touched both of us right in the heart. So we began looking for historic venues and other areas that we found beautiful. Ok well I began searching and provided him with some options.

The first venue that we chose to visit was The Hermitage. This is the historical home of President Andrew Jackson and right near where we both grew up and not too far from where we still live. They had a historic chapel which appealed to my man and they had just a general beautiful and historic feel which appealed to me. Here is a link to all that they have to offer. The Hermitage

We got to visit and explore all of the different sites. That was another appealing part of this venue, there were multiple venues within it. As you can tell from the pictures my honey was thrilled to be visiting this day!

This was the Cabin by the Spring.

This is from the historic chapel and can I just tell you how in love I am with the brick flooring and by the way it’s original.

This was the Tulip Grove mansion. That staircase is what dreams are made of and those chandeliers are just gorgeous. And as we were talking about the property and asking questions, we looked up and


Yep there were some deer checking us out. Wondering if they were picking a wedding venue of their own!

So needless to say, as we drove away and talked about it, we decided there was literally no point in even visiting the other venues. We were completely in love and picked our Venue! So we are getting married at the historical home of Andrew Jackson, the Hermitage and the only surprise for you later will be specifically which part of the property we actually chose.

How does a couple go about choosing the right venue? Well I wish I had some good advice for you regarding that but well, it was just too easy for us. We literally felt it in our bones while we were there. It just felt like the perfect place for us to start our life together. But here are some recommendations of how to choose from some that are authorities at least more so then me.

WedBites is a blog I found that is just really awesome for all things wedding.Expect me to link back to this page a lot unless they ask me not to!  Lots of great tips in just the right sized doses. Valuable information that you can use and understand. Click here for WedBites take on the venue search.

A Practical Wedding offers up their suggestions here.

And of course there is always the tried and true Bridal Guide.

No matter which options you look at and what venue you choose just remember it’s going to be fun and you should both love the site and be able to see it as the place you say I do! And now that the venue has been selected so many other things can happen!

Can’t wait to share the rest of the story with you. Happy weddinging LOL!




Modern Wedding Tools 

Weddings of today are not necessarily different from weddings ten or even forty years ago. The love the family the random drunk relative at the reception these things are sacred and continue through out time. However what has changed is the tools surrounding the process. Hello have you heard of Pinterest? And then there are the apps! 

There are apps for everything. Planning, dress shopping, photos, and of course there are games.

 I have not tried all of these apps by any means. But I can tell you that there is some good info on them. If you are planning to shop at David’s Bridal their app is very helpful with picking out what to try on and saving favorites. 

The Knot and Wedding Wire apps both have some great tips and tools for you to use and they are free. The countdown app is fun but doesn’t really serve a purpose. I would steer clear of that one. First dance, appy ever after and wedding frames are new ones I just downloaded for this post so I will check them out and come back with an update. 

My best recommendation regarding apps and planning is to do a little research. Read all of the reviews. But most importantly don’t get caught up in the madness. My pinterest board got so big I have just about abandoned it because although the ideas were great I was losing my vision. Stay true to you and the vision of your wedding that you and your fiancé have! 

And last but certainly not least. When you can’t get enough wedding stuff and you are needing a fix I would highly recommend wedding dash! 

I’m slightly addicted! 

Happy Weddinging, 


Family Traditions

When you get engaged suddenly you are preparing to be a part of another family. And of course you are bringing someone new into yours. The holidays of course bring about some of the most fun times as well as what could be some of the most stressful times. How do you navigate those waters? Well let me say what everyone says communicate. Have the conversation with your significant other about the traditions that matter most to you or that matter most to your family that you would like to honor. 

For me that meant that my fiancé needed to know that every year I would be buying a specialized ornament for the year. Here is this years ornament. 

And this is my son’s he has been getting ornaments from me every year since he was born! 

Another fun thing is figuring out how to share the love and spread yourselves out to all of the family. Include your parents in the conversation or siblings if you have spent holidays with them in the past. They will appreciate that you want to make sure everyone is included as you start your new family together. This year we will be having “our” family Christmas on Christmas Eve spending Christmas Day with my fiance’s family and the day after Christmas with my mom. It was the best plan for all of us and we are all really excited about spending good time together! I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember you are starting a new family together but you are also joining your families as well! 

Happy Weddinging! 



The Excitement Builds 

Now I’m engaged. It’s all I can do to contain my excitement. So many decisions. So much planning. Oh weddings. They are beautiful and romantic and fun! To keep me from talking my amazing fiance’s ear off and to keep from driving my bridesmaids crazy when there is still a year to go. I have taken to the all hailed Wedding magazine! 

My fiancé walked in the room as I took this photo and I could see his brain doing the math for this Number of magazines. I didn’t mention I have another stack at work that I read during my lunch hour. 

But they really do serve a purpose. You may not need this many. Yes I may have a problem. But you can find suggestions for everything from venue selection, hair styles, gowns, gifts, and tips for honeymoon and even that amazing wedded bliss we are all preparing for. I also love that wedding magazines are also getting more specialized and localized. If you zoom the pic you will see Nashville Lifestyles weddings which is a great source of local vendors and ideas. As well as Southern Wedding which is basically what I’m having since well we live in the South. Weddings are universally amazing but find a magazine that speaks to you and maybe get a couple of issues. I tear out pages that have ideas I love so I don’t keep the whole magazine. Here is an example: 

We have done a venue search and this venue is not in the area we are looking but we are looking at a similar outdoor look and that pic is a “idea” I would like to share with our photographer. It helps to have visuals. Not just for the vendors but for me and for family as well. Use any tools you can to help bring your vision to life. Just remember wedding magazines can add up (man add wedding to the title and the price doubles) so maybe don’t get as obsessed as me but do enjoy flipping those pages. You will ohh and ahh and dream of your special day. 

Happy Weddinging 


Engaged, Stressed – YES 

Getting engaged is so exciting. It’s a huge and momentous occasion in anyone’s life and with great happiness comes great responsibility and inevitably great stress. Before I was engaged I had never thought how nerve wracking and consuming it could be for the asker and of course it is profound and maybe even shocking for the one asked. I asked my fiancé to tell me everything about how he felt, how it happened. I wanted to know everything. I’m so glad I asked. And of course he obliged and told me. Probably just to get me to be quiet but hey whatever works. I also accept cotton candy and/or wine. He said, He was nervous. He was nervous when he asked my mom for her blessing. He was nervous when he got down on one knee. He knew I would say yes and he knew my mother would be thrilled. But he was still nervous. It was stress inducing. He couldn’t explain why other than the fact that it was one of the biggest decisions of his entire life. And of course I had to agree. This is forever people. 

Then you say yes and all of a sudden you are engaged. You are to be married and live happily ever after. So for my amazing fiancé there was literally an adrenaline dive afterward. He was exhausted and I couldn’t blame him. We were both so happy but suddenly exhausted. We shared the news with family and close friends. We had a wonderful meal and we slept. We slept like we had never slept before. 

And for many brides to be, this is where their stress suddenly kicks in. All of the questions of when’s the date? Have you picked a dress? Who are the bridesmaids?  Well for me I will forever be thankful that my thoughtful fiancé chose to ask when we were on vacation. We were able to enjoy each other and share in the “wow we are really doing this” excitement just us. Of course we wanted to celebrate with family and friends but those first days of excitement were just for us. 

The excitement doesn’t go away and there is always plenty to share with family and friends and anyone that happens to be in an elevator with you when you just can’t stop staring at your ring. Yes it’s 6 months later and yes I do it daily! He did good man! 

He rocked my world by knowing me and knowing “us” and knowing the perfect way to make our moment and time special. So for me when those questions start or when I have to read a venue contract you know if I just get stressed planning or to be honest if I get stressed really with life in general I can take a breath and go back to that moment when he asked me for forever. 

So this Wedding Wednesday is to remind you that yes stress happens and yes it’s ok and as you plan, party and even panic try to go back to that moment when you both had only eyes and hearts for each other and cherish it. You can easily shut out the noise by focusing on the love and that moment or even that place when/where your forever stsrted. 

Happy Weddinging (yep that’s my new word) 🙂 


The First Ever Wedding Wednesday! 

So I’m trying to get back to getting this all more regular. My sweet blog! Oh how I love it and I love you all for hanging in there with me. So I got engaged in June. One of the best days of my life.

 So with that comes wedding planning. I talked a little bit about the one wedding show I attended and it was a good time. Link to that adventure here.

I don’t want to overwhelm with wedding details and other wedding shenanigans but I thought there maybe some friends and readers that could be interested so I thought I could share maybe once a week or so. So here goes nothing.

My first observation about wedding planning is that while pinterest is good it is also evil! You get so many ideas and before you know it. Your entire wedding board is full. And how do you know what you are supposed to do and how to do it and who should be involved?

Well before I get into all of that fun stuff…my future mother in law had a celerabration for us.



How those are the only pictures from that event, I do not know. But it was a wonderful time with our parents and my son. We are very lucky that as a family we just make one big happy one and we don’t make a distinction between Todd’s family and my family. It is all our family and it’s so awesome. Trust me it’s a feeling that I will forever be grateful for.

My mother gave us our first gift’s on this day.


This book along with the Emily Post Planner. Which those that know me well, will not find this as a surprise at all. I have an inclination toward all things proper and old fashioned you might say. I’m not saying I’m always proper by any means, but I do have a fondness for an old fashioned and often forgotten lifestyle.

The planner is going to have a post all on its own so I assure you that you will see plenty of it sooner rather than later. But if you find yourself wondering, who is supposed to pay for what and how do I not invite that person and do I really have to register for that…check out this book. I assure you that yes common sense in most cases will rule out but I have found in my very long 35 years that everyone’s definition of common sense is just a little bit different.

Until next time!