Wedding Wednesday Ceremony Deets 

I wish I could describe walking down the aisle but there are literally no words. I can tell you I had only string quartet music playing because I selected specific music for every part of the ceremony and our DJ did an amazing job with it. I can tell you that my son walked me down the aisle and that not tripping over my dress was honestly a concern. That thing was huge! I was a big ivory cupcake! I remember catching my grooms eye and nothing else in the world mattered. The ceremony was traditional and short. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of my husband’s.  We didn’t write our own vows or anything like that. Just the normal love honor cherish till death do us part kinda thing. The ceremony was a little chilly so we handed out the wedding favor of throw blankets early to keep everyone warm and they were a grand hit. And now here are some pics! I hope you enjoy. I’m also including a link to two of the songs used for the ceremony. My groom entrance and then of course my entrance! It was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life. I got so emotional but I made it through without crying barely. 

Groom entrance
Bride entrance
Happy wedding planning etc my loves! 

Wedding Wednesday – First Look 

There is a lot of controversy over the first look. Should you have one? Can you kiss? There are variables and opinions upon opinions to be had. My entire wedding party (well all the girls and my mom) were completely against it. But we held our ground and stayed firm to wanting to see each other before the ceremony. Our day had been kinda hectic and not going quite as planned before the first look and I think by the time we were to that moment in the timeline for the days events all we wanted was each other. We met in the garden at the Hermitage and even though it was fall it was still so beautiful. Here are some of our favorite pics from that moment and short period of time.




That collage above was all real moment. We were so happy to see each other we literally forgot the camera was there. We both enjoyed this moment together so very much. We still talk about it these 4 and a half months later. It was just powerful. Yes I realize there is the moment that the groom sees the bride when she’s walking down the aisle and it is magical but in our opinion this “first look” did not take away from that moment at all. And then of course we ended with some posed shots! Man this was really just the best day ever!


Wedding Wednesday – Getting Ready

So you may be wondering if in fact there was a wedding and well yes there was. I’m going to post some pics today about the getting ready time and I’ll add more details and fun stuff to future posts but here’s a good start. The night before me and one of my girls stayed at the hotel. My future husband had all of his boys with him at his house. I don’t have enough photos of that girl time or even us getting our makeup on, but if I find some they are totally going to be shared.





This last shot is me on the way to our first look.  I couldn’t wait to hug him. It had been quite the morning. And my future husband was waiting to see what all the fuss was about this gigantic cupcake dress!

Until next week, Happy Wedding Wednesday!


It’s the final countdown 

We actually have a long countdown. But I wanted to write about your excitement for your wedding versus everyone else’s excitement for your wedding. 

My fiancé bought me this adorable sign and I really love it. We are so close to 100 days and then it will be 60 then 30 and then 1 lol! It’s amazing and exciting and scary and stressful all at the same time. We got engaged almost 18 months before our wedding date. It was a long way off and we did that on purpose. We had plans and wanted to save for the special wedding we both had always wanted. We wanted to share the experience with friends and family and we both wanted to be as involved as possible with decision making. So we were so excited. And others were excited too. But we have had to wait for a very long time. And some of our friends already think we are married. So as we get closer now I’m getting really excited and I want to share that excitement with my friends and family. Since most of them have been on this journey with us the whole time there are some who are getting just as excited which makes it fun! But then there are others who just don’t really seem “into” it any more. This can maybe make me a little sad. But I’m trying to not let it bother me. Emotions tend to run higher and higher the closer you get to the big day. And since I’m a little “special” when it comes to my emotions this has been even more fun for my fiancé and family then perhaps most get to experience. 

So my biggest piece of advice I could give would be to have fun and remember that this is fun and it’s about you and your partner and your special day to share your love. But if you find that some of your friends or family are over the excitement and maybe seem tired of hearing about it cut them some slack it is your wedding so the majority of excitement is yours and choosing a long engagement does come with its own unique set of circumstances. And even if they seem not as excited I have no doubt when your special day comes they will be on board and having a blast with you! So happy weddinging and as a warning if I can figure out how to put a countdown widget on this blog you better believe that I will! 



Let them eat cake 

So one of the most fun parts of wedding planning and surprisingly one of the easiest has been choosing our cake. 

So there are so many choices to make when it comes to the cake size and flavors being the most important. Classic white cake with different flavors in between the layers. How many layers do you need? Well these are all very serious questions. Here are some pics of cakes that I of course fell in love with! 

And then the flavors!!! Oh my gosh the flavors: 

Raspberry, lemon chiffon and banana cream were some that caught our attention right away! 

And then of course there was our engagement cake. You may recognize this from a previous post. 

This cake is the raspberry elegance from Publix supermarkets. Well we fell in love with this flavor. So now we had to choose design. Because this design is cute but not what we wanted for the wedding. So I was off to meet with a bakery specialist. Oh the choices. 

Here are some that I liked! Which did I choose? Well you will have to wait until November to find out! But man it was fun! 

I can say with all honesty every step of this process. Making choices and planning the day we both want has been so much fun for my fiancé and me! We have shared a vision and we are making it come to life. 

Until next time! 



The perfect look! 

So we all have a desire for that perfect look. With my wedding day approaching so quicky I find myself searching and searching for that perfect look. So I’m experimenting and searching! The biggest challenge has been lipstick. It has to be the right color. It has to be long lasting. And it of course has to stay on me and not my husband to be on our big day! 

There have been many trials. Which formula which color? So the perfect color search may still be on but the formula has been found! This stuff is the long lasting. Seriously I wish I had a pic but there was still some on my lips the next morning and I put it on right before I left my home at like 7am. So basically it stayed for roughly 24 hours. It didn’t make my lips feel horribly dry or sticky. So formula is a yes! Now for color! 

Revlon Ultimate Colorstay Liquid Lipstick
The color I have on in the last picture is a buff beige. The color I’m ordering is a peachy color that is apparently of course not made anymore. But you know thank goodness for Amazon! Next up eye shadow! New post soon with lots of details. 



Here come the dudes! 

So because I did something special for the ladies, we of course wanted to do something special for the guys. This is what we came up with. 

Cologne shaped like a cigar how awesome! And it actually smelled good! 

Small bottles of booze finished out the boxes and of course all of the guys said yes! 

We are so excited to have these guys with us on our day. 

Remember guys may not ask for it or think of it but they like a special surprise too!