Tips and Tricks Thursday – Turkey Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! So this is my absolute favorite day of the year. From the parade and the first official siting of Santa Clause to the family and yummy food. And yes I watch the whole parade even if no one else watches with me, I sing with the acts and I march around the house with the marching bands. It’s just how I roll!


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But the pride of the day is of course our thanks oh and the turkey! Here’s what mine looks like before I put it in the oven! 

I am intending to use this space on Thursday for tips and tricks. I really should tell you some safety tips for turkey or something. But instead I’m going to share this as you hopefully gather with family and friends for yummy food and togetherness! 

The greatest tip ever Love each other. Remember that regardless of your religious beliefs there is so much to be grateful for. I hope that you feel the love today and everyday! 

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! 

Love and Mangia! 



MakeUp Monday Take 1

With all of the things that I love and that I love to talk about, I have decided to try and focus a little bit more! I’m going to start having different days for different types of posts. So this is our first MakeUp Monday. I’m going to highlight my latest Ipsy bag.


The bag of course as always is adorable. I just love this for November! Not quite the fall look I would normally think about but it is so super cute and I can’t wait to use this for my makeup bag in my purse.


Here’s a little shot of all the goodies. If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy you get 5 different items each month. Some of them are full size and some of them are trial size. One of the things I really love is when I get beauty tools like this month. I got this:


This is a slanted crease brush and I can’t wait to use it. I am always in need of a crease brush. I use them not only for the crease of my shadow but sometimes because of the shape of my nose they are the best tool for using a little highlighter on my nose or concealer/bronzer on the sides of my nose or underneath my eyes. Speaking of eyes:


Smashbox Full Exposure mascara is really great. I love that I have received this before and now again. It is one of those items that is just great to have. I have one in my purse makeup bag, my home makeup bag, and yes ladies and gents, I have a work makeup bag. You just never know when you might need the basics. If you haven’t tried it and you can get a sample size of this please do. I have never purchased a full size and I don’t know that I would I’m pretty loyal to my L’Oreal but I will tell you that this is a great backup and if you can some high quality products for your emergency makeup bags, then that is what you should do. Speaking of some basics for your bag:


Who doesn’t need an amazing neutral eye shadow? I think we all do, personally! Of course, I might be a little biased, because it’s the best color on me. I have a great time playing with all the different and new neutrals that I can get my little hands on. So I’m very excited to try this out and I will definitely give you a review. I have not tried this brand before, but I have heard good things. Speaking of good things:


Leeanni is a good brand. I have not purchased this brand but I have received different products from this brand in previous bags. The moisturizer was fabulous. Now I’m not completely sure what this product is but I am going to research and give it a shot. Speaking if not sure what to do with something:


I also received this highlighting trio. I’m assuming this is a traditional creamy highlighter trio. I am looking forward to giving it a shot. Of course some of the colors are not quite right for me but that may be why they went with a trio. The black eyeliner that I received from Model co. in a previous bag was such a great product. I’m actually currently using it as my daily eyeliner because it was a full size product. Oh how I love full size products!

So that is my Ipsy bag for the month of November. I will add some updates with my personal reviews laters. But I assure you this as most of my bags is another favorite. They do a great job every month and it is so worth the $10 per month, I don’t know that I could ever cancel this subscription. It’s like Christmas every month when it arrives.

Until Next Time!



The rap on Gluten

So gluten and moving. These have been the topics of discussion in my home as of late. We are living in the valleys between mountains of boxes and piles of clothes (really didn’t realize I had this many clothes). It has been a little bit overwhelming. Ok a lot overwhelming for all of us. My guys have taken to inventing the new rapper Gludacris and well yes all of those tunes you know and love from our pal Ludacris are now gluten related. 

Where in the world did you get that gluten, what you got in that bread.Gluda 

It is amusing to say the least and I know it’s as hard for them as it for me so I’m glad that we can at least laugh about it. I have been very blessed with being able to give away and sell things that we had that were extra or double in our home. 

In need of some fun and a nice treat for all of our hard work we decided to make a stop at Yogurt Mountain.  

 This place had the best frozen yogurt and they were kind enough to list on each flavor which were gluten free and which were not. There were of course add ins and toppings that you had to be a little more careful of.  

 That would be cherry on one side and birthday cake on the other and sadly that whipped cream covered gummy shark (one of my faves) could not be eaten. Google revealed gluten. 

All in all its been busy and just a little stressful lately but we are making it and looking forward to being under the same roof as a family!  

Southern Girl Spending Spree

So this past weekend, I had a lot going on. One of the most exciting things was that I attended the Southern Women’s Show. Now for all of my followers and readers that are not in the South, let me tell you what this show is…basically we get together in a giant convention center and there are merchants from all over, it’s a great place to learn about local companies and get some special local finds. There are cooking lessons, there are celebrities to meet and greet and of course there is a Fireman show. I will leave that as the explanation for the final show. I personally do not watch, I use this as a good time to go and shop and not have to deal with too many crowds.

This year I attended with my Mom and one of her friends. I allowed myself to have a bit of a spree and absolutely spent too much money but OMG it was fun stuff!


My little boys birthstone is an aquamarine so now that he is 18 I thought I should finally have some jewelry with this birthstone. If you need a beautiful ring check out  Please ignore the weird red on my hand that is the stamp from leaving and coming back to the show (had to deliver goodies to the car and then come back for more). 🙂


These are specialty oils and balsamic vinegar. With my need to eat more salads and of course more chicken, these are amazing. They add flavor without anything too bad for me and they just have the best flavor. They have all kinds of combinations and of course you can just buy any individual flavors that you might be interested in please check them out!


I have a thing for Tervis Tumblers and they had a gigantic selection at the show. I was so happy and excited. I got one for me and one for my son (we are the morning coffee drinkers in the house). I’m still looking  for the right one for my amazing boyfriend. It will happen!


This is CBC local honey. They had different flavored honey but I went for the raw honey which I just couldn’t resist. It was amazing! I am looking for the company website (I can’t find their business card) but as soon as I do, I will update this post.


Lastly me and Mommy courtesy of our local paper The Tennessean. It was a great day. I am getting back to myself more and more everyday! Thanks for hanging in there with me.



Rant is a verb that means to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way. In my life I am impassioned about so many different things. And for the comfort of all of those around me, the best way to share all that I am so passionate about is through my written rants! But, in my almost 35 years, I have discovered something: we all like to share and occasionally rant. When we are young we share secrets, we share food, we share clothes with our best friends, we share makeup, and we claim when anyone will listen that life is just too unfair. As we grow older, we share parenting tips, we share vacations, we share heartbreak and we share success, we grumble about traffic and work and the line at the grocery store. So it occurred to me as I am embarking on some new phases in my life, perhaps I should share in a way that is easy to view and allows for interaction with those that are interested, a subtle rant if you will. I’m pretty sure that not every friend I have, is interested in the recipes I have created. And I’m sure not every person interested in the recipes is also interested in my current nail color. So in this way, I can share with those that are interested and they can view only what they are interested in and I of course get the chance to share and document this next phase in my life. If you are reading this, I’m going to assume that’s because you are interested in following the journey so come on and let’s get started on this hopefully well edited and multi-directional rant…