Traveling Back in Time 

I live outside of Nashville. It is a travel destination in itself. But what do we do when we want to go for a quick get away? Well many people in this area go to the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg. We actually went for a family reunion of my fiancé’s family. It was so cool to meet these future family members! 

Any who we had some solo time before the family picnic and I found an attraction that I just had to see and I even found a Groupon that got us a great discount. If you don’t groupon you are missing out people. 

So I smiled my way and batted my eye lashes until I convinced my fiancé to go with me to the Titanic exhibit. 

So the outside alone is amazing and honestly gave me goosebumps when we just approached it. 

When you get in line (after paying of course) they give you, your boarding pass. You are assigned a real passenger or crew member on the Titanic. You might hear about your person’s story in the exhibit. Really a great way to personally connect with this historic tragedy. My passenger survived and sadly Todd’s did not. 

The exhibit walks you through the creation and the hype of the Titanic on to the departure and of course the sinking. There is an audio tour and they have a youth version and an adult version. The youth version includes a scavenger hunt. Honestly I would have totally done the youth version but you know sometimes you have to be a grownup. 

The stories that are included in the tour really connect you to this tragedy and the people that lived it. There is a pocket watch that stopped exactly 15 minutes after the ship went down. A stairwell showing you how the third class passengers lived and many died aboard the ship. 

They have an exact replica of the staircase from the Titanic and again goosebumps people. We had our picture taken and yes I was suckered into the souvenir because well I’m a sucker for a souvenir. 

If you are in the area I highly recommend that you check out this exhibit. There are so many personal and true artifacts from the actual Titanic and from the White Star Line in general. If you can tell from the pic I was beaming from ear to ear. This was one of the best museums I have ever visited. I wish there was more I could share with you and more pics I could show you. But they do not allow photos in the museum. 

Titanic Pigeon Forge Info
Happy travels! 



Food Trucks – Cause well Food Trucks 

So in Nashville one of the perks of working downtown is Food Trucks! And when I can get out of the office for some lunch I love to hit up restaurants and food trucks that are different. A couple weeks ago I hit up this truck! 

Bacon Nation

I want this shirt so bad! Because it’s honest y’all! 

Ultimate BLT 

50/50 burger. It’s beef and bacon and just really right in all the ways that bacon can be! 

Not being able to eat beef for a bit I went this frightening concoction that had chicken as the main protein being enhanced and brought to life by the bacon! 

Perks of downtown working definitely include the food. If you visit downtown Nashville be sure to check for food truck locations and hit them up. It’s definitely worth it! 



Favorite Childhood Books 

Oh books!! So I feel like I was a late reader. It was almost 2nd grade before I really figured it out. But once I got it, I read everything! 

My favorites- 

 Honestly I loved reading everything as a child. And I love reading today. Books can take you all over the world and through time and space. One of the greatest things about books is that they were around. If you get a chance to pick up a book and read it do it! Take the time. You will be glad you did. 

What did you read as a child? 



Best Trip of my Life! 

So many trips come to my mind. Senior trip, my son’s first beach trip, the first trip with my fiancé, and the first “family” trip. Me, my fiancé and my son. Now while we may quickly be approaching spring this was a snowboarding trip a few years ago. We went to Perfect North Ski Resort in Indiana.  

 My fiancé is a snowboarder and loves it. I have never been before and this was my son’s second trip. We were testing the family waters if you will with the snow. Haha! The trip was a dream. We had a wonderful time. It was sadly too cold for the slopes and I couldn’t actually stay on my board. As cute as I may look with one. 

 The day we left we visited an aquarium in Kentucky which is my favorite activity. 

And then we all had some Cincinnati chili! If you haven’t had it you need to try it! It’s amazing. And yes there is really that much cheese on that chili and no I couldn’t finish it. It was so much food! Haha! 

The memories of this trip. The laughs and fun we had. The greatest of those memories is that we had our first family vacation and we had the first feels of family that was to come. 

Now I have a honeymoon coming up and that may be replaced as the best trip ever we shall see haha! 

What is your best trip? 



Trip Planning Tips 

Planning trips can be so much fun. They can also become quite crazy depending on the number of people going, the number of days your staying and of course the number of locations you are visiting. 

This particular post is about tips for car trips. Of course there is the basic safety stuff. Get the oil changed. Have the tires checked. Make sure there’s a blanket and some extra for drinking and/or cooling the vehicle in the event of an emergency. And now the fun stuff. Always have a pillow. Some like travel pillows like this one: 

Personally I need my real pillow! 


And of course you should have a blanket! 

Now for the fun stuff! There’s tons of games and things for kids. Blog after blog has that info for you. But since sadly my kid is now almost 19 yes that’s right almost 19 we need adult games and things to occupy us! Here are our favorites:

Pandora or another type music app. We put it on a comedy station and laugh for hours. 

Magazines are only acceptable if they are tabloids or Cosmo. Or since I’m engaged wedding magazines are allowed and yes I’ve already eyed the one I’m buying for an upcoming trip! Martha Stewart Weddings yes I’m talking about you! 

Devices and devices. We take our Roku for use in the hotel room. We take at least one tablet usually one for everyone. And of course all of our phones and then the charging cables for all! It’s technology city for me! 

My fiancé is amazing at making sure we have movies to watch and anything my heart my desire when we are on the road. 

Snacks- well we aren’t big snackers but we travel with at least a 6 pack of waters usually a full case and then of course there’s at least one random stop at a gas station for some kind of junk you don’t need. Take my advice here just plan on it. Just know that some weird craving for a gas station potato wedge is going to hit you and you just need to go for it! 

Travel safe my friends! 



Hometown Tourist 

For Christmas Eve I felt that I should share with you a hometown favorite travel destination as well as a holiday experience. From what I have heard people from all over the world come to Nashville for many of our beautiful sights and during the holidays one of those sights is the Christmas Lights at Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. 

 Happy Christmas Eve!



Travel Thursday – Louisville 

Louisville was such a fun place to visit. And I can’t wait to return. One of my favorite thing to do is explore historical places. And that place for me on this particular trip was Conrad Caldwell House. 

 The dress in the photo was the dress on the couch below. I was more impressed the frame was original. 

A dream place setting to say the least. Monogram is my jam!   
 Original doorways. Check the intricacy of the woodwork. 

Oh the staircase. This is a piece of beauty that you should visit if there is any way. It’s worth the trip. 

  My cookbook fascination went nuts when I came across these little babies! 

 This painting was commissioned by one of the owners of the house. I wish I had paid better attention but it’s amazing and huge! 

Again fascinating detailed woodwork. 

Stain glassed window if you please! 

 Well of course it’s a wedding dress because I’m obsessed. Lol! 

 An amazing tour! This historical home is a must see. Check out their website Conrad Caldwell House and if you are in Louisville you should visit. It’s worth it!