Friday Free For All

And here’s my rant for the week. I’m sure that many of you have heard about the “kids” that were not allowed to get on the plane because they were wearing leggings. Everyone, all over twitter and instagram and I’m assuming Facebook but I haven’t been on there browsing, was all up in arms about this airline telling these kids what they could and could not wear on a plane. Well then we hear the rest of the story, these kids were traveling free as guests of the airline based on employee passes that provided by the airline with some strict regulations as they are presenting the airline and expected to present themselves in a certain way. No here’s my thing. Why in the world did the woman who saw this happening and had no real idea of what was occurring think it was her place to put the incident on social media anyway? And why is the airline not allowed to place restrictions on their free perks for employees. We used to be able to do our own thing and not have everyone in the world have an opinion. Now you never know when someone is going to have an iPhone trigger finger just itching to get used. Rather then ask the girls if they were ok or find out more about the situation this person decided to just assume that something terrible was going on. So are we so terrible as a country that no matter the situation we just assume there is being an injustice and that as citizens we must complain about it or post about it on social media? The whole thing just baffled me. This person should have put their phone away and minded their own business.

Let’s remember people if someone is not physically being injured, if we are not in a position to truly assist another person we need to step back. Causing uproar when we don’t know the whole story can be far more damaging than just walking away from a situation that does not affect us in the slightest. Perhaps that sound cold but I’m pretty sure two girls wearing leggings in an airport while traveling with family is not a situation that I can do anything to assist. Now if this is a 4 year old traveling alone and she is scared I might step in, I might ask security to step in. But there is a big difference in being helpful and being a “poop stirrer”.

So having said that companies have every right to regulate how their perks are offered and make sure that the regulations they have attached are adhered to. My boss only let’s me wear jeans on Friday if I am wearing a company shirt. And while I may not always want to wear that shirt on Friday, I know that if I don’t I also can’t wear my jeans. And that is how it shall be until I own my own company and make the rules I want. But if that day never comes, I’ll keep wearing the company shirt so I can wear my jeans. And maybe next time those kids parents will make sure the read the guidelines and requirements a little more carefully to avoid such nonsense taking up space in my Twitter feed.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get to wear whatever you want while you are doing it, and if you don’t get to wear whatever you want, well I hope there is a really good reason why you don’t.



Ranting for Real

So to my lovely readers it has been a while since I have posted a real rant and well it’s time. There was something I just couldn’t keep quiet about and I had to share that with you.

If you watch The View or if you follow conservative circles it’s possible that you have heard about Tomi Lahren. Last Friday, Tomi was on The View on ABC. She made the statement that she is Pro Choice and that in her belief this is the only answer for individuals that want limited government. I found it interesting to hear the interview on The View and to then see that she was getting a lot of heat from Conservative women on this issue. It really struck me and I had to do a rant. And here’s the reason: we all have opinions. I think that we are all so quick to throw a label on something and if it doesn’t match up perfectly with that label we find it confusing and then we attack. Not everyone is going to fit into a perfect bubble and I think as political minds are starting to see, we are in a very different time. We not only have more and more journalists like Tomi that have some varied views on topics but also that are not afraid to share them and share them in a very main stream way. We have a common-sense bug that is flowing through the nation. Our nation has been going on business as usual for far too long and we are starting to find individuals that are questioning everything. And even questioning within their own parties and within their own religions. And I for one, find it revitalizing. I think that Tomi is unique, she is a young very attractive woman and has been able to attract fans from all walks of life, men and women, young and old. But I will tell you I don’t think that the only reason she has all of these fans is because of her looks, I personally think that it is because of her willingness to speak facts that so many won’t in a very straight forward way. Could the traditional conservative party be starting to realize that not all of their views are going to stand up to the voters of tomorrow and how is this going to effect future elections?

I think that while this may have been a blip on the political radar, there is something real going on here. People with real opinions that don’t fit perfectly into a box are coming forward and showing others that it is OK to not fit in the box. As long as we are thinking for ourselves, asking questions and really truly listening to each other we can find the right path to making our country the greatest. Do I think there will be some stumbles? Yes! Do I think that we are preparing for some major successes? Yes! I will be the first to tell you that I don’t make a decision on a topic until I have heard all sides and maybe I’m just not conservative enough but just like when you hear two stories from two people about one incident, both people told what they believed to be the truth, but the reality of the event falls somewhere in the middle.

So as we are navigating this new political world in which a reality star millionaire has become President of the United States let’s remember that attacking each other for being slightly outside of that conservative model is not going to further your cause, it just makes you look a little one sided and closed minded and as we need to bring the country back from uncontrolled debt and other leadership deficiencies maybe focusing on the leadership and the things that really matter in this country rather than attacking a woman for having an opinion that doesn’t truly make for a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.

As always Love,







Weekly Rant 

So it has been a long time since I have posted a real rant. And there has been a lot going on in the news right now that should be talked about.

But have you noticed how everyone that writes for the media and often people that write for themselves (blogs, etc.) all have their own angle. I think sometimes when we read this we forget that just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right. I’m not saying it would definitely be wrong either but how often do we check and get our own facts. And how deep can you really dig to find the “truth”. We can only make decisions with the information we have and if that information is skewed we are all at a disadvantage. 

I have some very specific views on gun control and I can share them with you and perhaps I will in a future post. But isn’t it interesting how you really only hear about it when there is a crisis? The truth is when there is a crisis or something bad that happens, as individuals and as a society we look for an explanation. We look for someone or something to blame. It makes life easier to deal with. If there is no “reason” or “cause” for something how scary would that be? But is that truth? 

The media has learned how to feed the beast as it were and give us what we crave in the face of tragedy, something or someone to blame. I can only pray that someday we have a real news program that will present the real story. All sides: the good, the bad and the ugly! We have a right to choose our opinion for ourselves from all of the facts. 

Now don’t get me wrong I watch the news and I respect those that have made their career by sharing the news with us. They take risks all of their own. And they have a job to do. I also know that often producers pull the strings on stories and the even further high ups pull more strings. So where does the beast stop? No one knows. 

I say all of this to say in conclusion, my dear amazing readers, that I hope you take every opportunity to learn a little bit more about a topic before trusting a single source. And of course that you remember to share your own thoughts, ideas and feelings anytime that you can.




So lately I have been battling not feeling well. We decided to send me to an allergist and this is what happened there. 

All of those little tubes had something different to be tested. They all went into my back. 

All of those little dots are the stick marks and potential allergy reactions. They were a combination of food and environmental allergens. 

These were some additional allergy tests for molds. 

So after all of the being stuck and poked and prodded the results came back that I was allergic to all types of mold, trees, grass, and some other environmental allergens. And that I was potentially allergic to Apples, bananas, beef, scallops, oysters, milk, and egg yolks. The doctor said that false positives for food allergies are very possible so he ran blood work to verify. This past week I got the confirmation on the blood work and I have none of those food allergies. However, I’m having reactions to some foods again and my poor weight is sky rocketing which of course is making me depressed and frustrated. My fingers are feet are seeming to remain in a state of being swollen. My poor toes. 

Forgive me I need a manicure but my poor toes are like little fat sausages and it’s killing me. We have me on some supplements that seem to be helping my stomach. We shall see. But we shall continue moving forward hoping and praying that my health recovers and I feel like my old self again! 



“Coffee Talk”

Hi guys! So today’s post is a little different. I’m linking you over to our new YouTube channel because it is going to be an in-person kinda coffee talk. I’m using this technology thing to hopefully make us all a little closer. I’m going to apologize now for lighting and the “um”s there are a bunch but well I’m nothing if not honest and I wanted you guys to be able to really see what it was like for my first time doing this Vlog thing! And I really do hope you guys like it and that we can keep it going. I have some big plans and hope you will all come along with me. Please leave comments for me here and on YouTube. I would love to hear from all of you. Suggestions or requests for content are always welcomed as well as you know telling me I’m awesome or that I might need a little work. I’m open to all of it. Thanks guys for hanging in there with me. This is going to be quite the journey and I’m kinda excited about it.

Coffee Talk




Today’s post a next to the last post in this 30 day challenge is supposed to be a confession. So there are lots of little quirks I could share with you. I’m obsessed with cook books and coffee mugs. Something on my body hurts almost every day. As I write this I’m having horrible stomach pain. But here’s the one I think you should know. I’m a little old fashioned. I’m not a huge fan of the women’s lib movement. I think burning bras was a waste of time. I don’t think men and women are equal and I think that’s a good thing. We are different and special in our own ways and I think that’s how it is supposed to be. Yes women can come from a more emotional place than men in some cases and you know what? That’s ok! I think that moms should be able to take care of their children and raise them the best they can and if they choose to work that’s great but if they choose to stay home with their kids that should be ok too! Women’s liberation somehow became about women being each other’s worst enemy. We are so mean to each other. We judge each other. Did you breast feed, do you spank, do you make your own baby food, do you let your child have soda, do you let your child watch tv? These are the things women judge each other on. Not to mention if you stay home you eat bonbons all day or if you go to work someone else is raising your child. All of this drives me crazy! Women’s liberation should have been about the freedom of choice and the support we should all give each other regardless of what choices we make. What’s right for me, may not be right for you and vice versa. So my confession to you is that I believe in my heart that in many ways women’s liberation has hurt our country, it has hurt women, it has hurt families. But I also believe women have to make choices for themselves. There are so many choices!!! 

 And yes if my fiancé came to me tomorrow and said when we get married you aren’t working anymore I would give him a giant kiss and spend the rest of my life gladly cooking his meals and ironing his shirts. It doesn’t mean I’m not capable of more and I wouldn’t find ways to use my brain to better myself and our family (hello blog/writing) but it does mean I wouldn’t be offended by taking on that role that was once a traditional one and is now somehow frowned upon. What are your thoughts? Or better yet, do you have a confession to share? 



Biggest Regret 

I try not to have regrets. I try to be up front and honest with myself about my intentions. I also try to accept the decisions I have made and move forward with my life. But I also believe that regrets are something that can just happen in our minds. 

If I stop and really think about my life and regrets, the biggest thing I would want to change would be, making sure that I was spending more time with my son when he was growing up. 

It was just me and him so obviously I was there. I was as present as I thought I could be at the time. But I worked a lot and I was tired a lot. 

I didn’t play with him enough. I didn’t make sure he was succeeding like I should have. I think about being at his football practices and I would be working on my homework for college and taking work phone calls because I thought I had to. 

If I could do it all over I would start when he was born and treasure every moment even more then I did at the time. There would have been trips to the zoo, the park, maybe a farm. I would go back and find a way to put all the memories and special moments in his path so that as he grew his heart would always feel my presence. 

I can only pray that he knows I thought I was doing the right thing when I went to school at night or worked two jobs. I was trying to better myself for him. I know that good came from all of the sacrifice but I sure missed a lot too. 

So now I’m going to give my kid a huge hug and a kiss and drink some wine! 

Remember regrets or wanting to do something differently will enter your mind. Face it and move on. Don’t live in regret. Live in the now and make decisions for the place you are now.