Entertainment Lately – Horse Races

Wonderful Wednesday my friends! I try to keep these Wednesday’s to book reviews or movie reviews. Today I am changing it up and just telling you about something we recently did and it was so very fun.

Yep we went to the horse races! We live near Kentucky and there is a track that has races for a little over a week a year.

My boys matched on accident. They are so stinking cute and they love each other. It’s pretty awesome watching them bond!

My horse didn’t win. Not a single race. But well it was a blast. Here’s some more pics and a selfie!

Here’s my suggestion to you…try something new. I’m sure you can find something in a town near you. It doesn’t take much effort and you could find a really great activity to do as a family!

Love and 🐎,


Entertainment Review – Paint My Pet

Wonderful Wednesday Wacky Friends,

Do you ever find yourself looking for something “new” to do. Well I was looking for something fun and new to do with some friends and we found a very cool Paint Your Pet event at a local restaurant.

The way it works, you pay for the event. This particular one was $50.00. You send them a photo of your pet. You then show up on the date of the event and you get to paint your pet.


When I arrived this is what I found. This sample photo of my pet that I submitted with a traced image. We were given the instructions that this is “pop” art. You can go with true colors or you can do out there and fun colors. I decided to go with a realistic shading and coloring.

The first part that you do is your background color. My husbands office is a really cool green and I chose a color that would make this painting pop on the wall.


You can see that my application was not perfect but well it was fun. The background was definitely the easiest part. You can also see there to the right of my painting, my Thai Tea! It’s my favorite drink at our local Thai restaurant.

The next step is different shading. They leader for the event helps you learn how to shade the image as well as how to mix your own colors and create different shades for me, it was shades of white and gray. I failed to take an in between picture, so I will just tell you the final step is the nose and the eyes. If you are going traditional you can use the black and well you will end up with something that looks like your pet! I loved that they took the time to help us learn how to use the paint to make the eyes look “alive”.

So here is my final product:


Personally I’m pretty happy with it. My hubs gave me the best compliment when you said he just wished it was a larger size. He really liked it.

So take it from this girl that has absolutely no skill when it comes to painting for art, anyone can do this. It is so much fun. Get a group of friends, have some cocktails or some appetizers and paint your pet.

If you google Paint Your Pet, you can find someone in your local area that provides this service. Really y’all 10 out of 10 on the fun scale!



Thursday Story Telling – Update

I want to thank you all that have taken the time to follow along with the story, The Intervention. I want you to know that it means a lot to me that you would take the time to read and care about this work. I wrote this story many many years ago and it was my first and to date only “finished” work. Perhaps I will start another story and reveal it/publish it here on this blog in a similar format. If this is something that you would be interested in, please let me know.

To make it easy for future readers to check out my story in it’s entirety, I am going to link to each chapter in order below. Thank you again everyone for supporting me through this weird journey of putting my own words out there for all of you to read, critique and hopefully enjoy.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

I hope that if you are just finding this blog, you will take the time to check out the story chapter by chapter. It has been a scary and fun journey to reveal this personal work on this blog. For some reason, this work of fiction was more intimidating to publish here than all the times I have told about my personal life. I’m sure some psychologist would have a blast with an explanation for that weird part of me.

Thank you again my friends.

Lots of love,


Friday Free For All

And here’s my rant for the week. I’m sure that many of you have heard about the “kids” that were not allowed to get on the plane because they were wearing leggings. Everyone, all over twitter and instagram and I’m assuming Facebook but I haven’t been on there browsing, was all up in arms about this airline telling these kids what they could and could not wear on a plane. Well then we hear the rest of the story, these kids were traveling free as guests of the airline based on employee passes that provided by the airline with some strict regulations as they are presenting the airline and expected to present themselves in a certain way. No here’s my thing. Why in the world did the woman who saw this happening and had no real idea of what was occurring think it was her place to put the incident on social media anyway? And why is the airline not allowed to place restrictions on their free perks for employees. We used to be able to do our own thing and not have everyone in the world have an opinion. Now you never know when someone is going to have an iPhone trigger finger just itching to get used. Rather then ask the girls if they were ok or find out more about the situation this person decided to just assume that something terrible was going on. So are we so terrible as a country that no matter the situation we just assume there is being an injustice and that as citizens we must complain about it or post about it on social media? The whole thing just baffled me. This person should have put their phone away and minded their own business.

Let’s remember people if someone is not physically being injured, if we are not in a position to truly assist another person we need to step back. Causing uproar when we don’t know the whole story can be far more damaging than just walking away from a situation that does not affect us in the slightest. Perhaps that sound cold but I’m pretty sure two girls wearing leggings in an airport while traveling with family is not a situation that I can do anything to assist. Now if this is a 4 year old traveling alone and she is scared I might step in, I might ask security to step in. But there is a big difference in being helpful and being a “poop stirrer”.

So having said that companies have every right to regulate how their perks are offered and make sure that the regulations they have attached are adhered to. My boss only let’s me wear jeans on Friday if I am wearing a company shirt. And while I may not always want to wear that shirt on Friday, I know that if I don’t I also can’t wear my jeans. And that is how it shall be until I own my own company and make the rules I want. But if that day never comes, I’ll keep wearing the company shirt so I can wear my jeans. And maybe next time those kids parents will make sure the read the guidelines and requirements a little more carefully to avoid such nonsense taking up space in my Twitter feed.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get to wear whatever you want while you are doing it, and if you don’t get to wear whatever you want, well I hope there is a really good reason why you don’t.



New Finds – Prime Now Review 

So you may not have heard about it but there is a service called PrimeNow. This service is home delivery of all kinds of things that you need including groceries and even of the perishable variety. 

I convinced my husband we should try it. I wanted to make bread and we were out of eggs. So I loaded the app on my phone and started hunting for stuff. There was a $20 minimum order which to my understanding can vary by location. So I found things we needed including a case of water and then decided to throw in ice cream for good measure (let’s see how melted it is when it gets here)! My order was placed at 9am and I was given a window of delivery from 10-12. I went about my day and at 11 I had a notice my delivery driver Tom was on his way and I could even track his progress on the app. He arrived at 11:20 with my groceries. 

I ordered eggs they were all in great shape not a crack and still cold. The case of water was delivered without a crack in it lol! The friendly delivery man sat the water just in the door for me. And the piece de la resistance the ice cream. It came in this package: 

And when opened the container was cold very cold and this is how the ice cream looked. 

The app also lets you go ahead and add a tip for the delivery person which is great. None of the groceries were a higher price then I would have paid in the store.  All in all this was a fantastic experience and one I would recommend. 

If you have Amazon prime already this is a free service and I highly recommend giving it a shot. 



So lately! 

Watching – 

Supernatural! I binge this stuff! Seriously Dean Winchester is my tv boyfriend! Haha! 


Cosmo is my jam! It just makes me feel like a woman! Haha! No seriously though for women’s issues and all things beauty truly the girly bible! 

Listening – 

Books on tape are my current jam and well James Patterson is always amazing. And this series I’m really digging! 

Dreaming about! 

Yep wedding! It’s all my brain can comprehend these days! 

So there you have it! I nice little lately update from my little world! Hope your world is great! 




So lately I have been battling not feeling well. We decided to send me to an allergist and this is what happened there. 

All of those little tubes had something different to be tested. They all went into my back. 

All of those little dots are the stick marks and potential allergy reactions. They were a combination of food and environmental allergens. 

These were some additional allergy tests for molds. 

So after all of the being stuck and poked and prodded the results came back that I was allergic to all types of mold, trees, grass, and some other environmental allergens. And that I was potentially allergic to Apples, bananas, beef, scallops, oysters, milk, and egg yolks. The doctor said that false positives for food allergies are very possible so he ran blood work to verify. This past week I got the confirmation on the blood work and I have none of those food allergies. However, I’m having reactions to some foods again and my poor weight is sky rocketing which of course is making me depressed and frustrated. My fingers are feet are seeming to remain in a state of being swollen. My poor toes. 

Forgive me I need a manicure but my poor toes are like little fat sausages and it’s killing me. We have me on some supplements that seem to be helping my stomach. We shall see. But we shall continue moving forward hoping and praying that my health recovers and I feel like my old self again!