Mask review 

This makeup Monday is going to be a review of this mask. 
I was a little nervous trying this mask as I usually only use masks that are for exfoliation. This was definitely different. Not sure when I realized that I had to start worrying about anti-aging products but yeah I’m getting old so it’s happened. I pulled the mask out. Carefully unfolded it and plopped it on my face! 

This mask was actually very soothing. It felt a little weird and I couldn’t figure out how to hold my face just right to make sure it was staying put. In the words of Julia Roberts it was a slippery little sucker. But I managed to leave it on the whole twenty minutes. Here’s how it looked after 20 minutes. 

Yep still kinda slippery. I took it off and rubbed the remaining serum into my skin. It felt great. The next morning I woke up and my skin felt much softer than normal. I can’t say I felt a glow or anything but for the mere ease of use I will use this again. I mean good serum is good serum right? 

So all in all I would say the collagen mask was a good try. I got it from ipsy but I have researched and found it on amazon for $12.99 for five masks. That’s not too bad something you should do at least a couple of times a month. So if you need a new serum type mask or feel like a boost of absorbed and not injected collagen is right for you I say go for it! 

Have you tried any new beauty products lately? 




3 Healthy Habits

If this had said 3 unhealthy habits I could have just started with a slight bacon obsession. Healthy habits are harder to recognize. So I’m going to share the healthy habits I’m trying to improve. 

1. Exercise more regularly. I’m currently taking Krav Maga classes. I shoot for 2 per week. I usually make at least 1 per week. They have added a Saturday morning class and this has been awesome. My fiancé and I do this together so it makes it not only a great workout but some great together time. 

No pics from class but this was after a class one night haha! 

2. Washing my face and removing my makeup everyday. I have to admit I’m super lazy. At night I’m just ready to chill and then go to bed. So I have purchased this amazing no rinse super simple and great cleanser. I love it. It’s so easy and it works well and my face feels amazing every night and still feels great when I wake up. I highly recommend it. 

3. Writing – this is a healthy habit because it provides my soul and my brain with a positive outlet. I can write anything I want and this lets me keep my brain clear. Sometimes you just need to get it out there. Much of my writing is never shared with others but to me it’s a mental health necessity. 

What good habits do you have or are working to make habits? 



Product Review – Curl Secret 

This girl has thin and hard to curl hair. It’s a problem. Ok it’s not a problem but it makes me sad. I would like to just have a little wave or something. 

Well for Christmas I was gifted with this little baby! 



 I was very skeptical. Mostly because the idea of having my hair sucked up into anything makes me super duper nervous. I mean what if it gets stuck or my hair starts smoking. You know the basic concerns of any new hair product really. 


 As you can see in the picture above it has two heat settings and three timer settings. I went with the lowest heat and the shortest timer. I figured that would give me the best chance of escape if needed. 

  Here is how my hair started. Freshly washed no product and brushed through. Please ignore my makeupless face! So I went for it. 

 A success. The first curl was what I was hoping for. And actually much better than I had expected. It wasn’t easy to get used to. And you do have to get the placement of your hair right. There were a couple of times my hair got a little tangled in the machine but it catches it and releases the hair. I didn’t have any lost hair or panic! 


It took a while to do the whole head but no longer than with a regular curling iron and honestly much better result. And yes as always one side of my head always looks better than the other. 

 I chose to use my pick and kind of pick out the harsh curls and it left a really great wave that I’m very happy with. I’m excited to keep trying and experimenting with this product. My honest review is 4 out of 5 stars. It definitely has a learning curve to get the best look and the best curls but it is worth using and perfecting the style. And yes I already sent my mom the thank you text with the pictures to let her know it was an awesome gift! 

What fun beauty products or tools did you get for Christmas?

Until next time my lovelies! 


December Ipsy Reveal/Review 

Oh Ipsy! My heart literally skips a beat when I see the pink package in the mail every month. 

My nutcracker was standing guard as I checked out all my goodies. 

Vegan lipstick. Not something I make a priority. But Pacifica is a good brand so I was excited. 

I have not tried this primer yet. But I am a big fan of eye shadow primer. Can’t wait to try this. 

My fiancé has been telling me the benefits of chlorella for quite some time. I have not used this mask yet. But the health of my skin is of course really important and I can’t wait to try it. 

I have tried this  makeup remover and it’s great. The smell is fresh and clean. One of the things I don’t like about eye makeup remover is that they usually seep into my eye and my eyes itch or burn for quite some time after I remove the eye makeup. However this did not give me any such problem. I’m actually very pleased and will be considering purchasing this when I run out.   

I don’t where lipstick or lip liner often. But I did try this and liked it very much. It did not make my lips feel dry which some liners do. And it stayed put for quite some time. It smelled nice and was a great nude color which was perfect for me. 

Nude red is an awesome color for me. My lips were  moist and felt good. I am very very happy with the Pacifica lip stick. 


 It survived my starbucks and all! 

Ipsy you have done it again! Tell me what you guys are using new. Have you ever had similar experience with eye makeup remover? Maybe that’s just me. Happy makeup Monday! 




Makeup Monday – Favorites Eyeshadow Edition

I am one of those women that goes in stages. I will have a favorite look for months and months and then switch it up. However, as I have gotten older and discovered more and more what looks good on me I have discovered that there are more tried and true favorites to be had for those different looks I love. Today I’m sharing with you my current favorites for this season and really for anytime based on my skin tone. 

First up is the Naked3 pallet from Urban Decay. It is the most pricey of my loves at $54 but I have had it for quite a while. 

As you can see all of the colors have been loved (kind word for used) lol! I definitely have some favorites out of the bunch. The 4th color in (from the left) is limit this is a soft pink tone that works great as a lid color or all over color if I need a little something and I can’t do anything else that day. The 6th in is trick and its a perfect peach again all over lid or eye lid only with another base or brow bone color. And finally black heart which is the last color in the pallet. It is a beautiful black with shimmer of pink. Don’t be afraid of black in a crease or on the edge or even as a liner. It’s fun and this color is a great one to try out. 

My next favorite has become my everyday look. 

It is called Silent Treatment and yes people this is by Wet N Wild. Please don’t think make up has to be expensive to be awesome! At $3 this is really my favorite every day look. 

You will see this pallet also has a shimmer black but the black has gold flakes rather than pink. It works well with the peach and the bottom shade is almost like a grayish tone. I really love it. I will do a tutorial one day and show you how it looks on! 

And finally sometimes you just need a great date night smoky eye. I have other Naked pallets that I will use sometimes. But currently I’m using this one. 

This is ELF cosmetics. I believe these pallets at $2. The shades are great and the pigment is true. 

I love too that they have the directions imprinted on the shadow. Don’t be scared to try something new and also makeup is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it. Experiment. Be a little kid with a little bit too much eye shadow on. Let the look be yours and if it’s not quite right that’s what they make remover for! 

Here’s a sneak peek of my engagement photo look! No filter! lol! 

Can’t wait to share more about the day the photo shoot and my makeup choices. Naked3 was used for sure! 

Happy Monday loves! 


Dry Shampoo Situation 

This Makeup Monday is brought to you by my fine thin lifeless hair. Being a woman with very thin hair I also tend to have very oily hair. It’s a hard life I’m telling ya. Even ponytails aren’t an easy fix. It looks like you still have wet hair. Ugg it feels gross and is so frustrating. When I hit thirty I decided to do something about it. By 32 I learned I shouldn’t actually wash my hair everyday. And thus the need for dry shampoo was born. And then my love for dry shampoo and now I have a mild obsession. 

My favorite dry shampoo that is totally buildable doesn’t leave any residue and actually lets me go at least two days in between hair washes is Style Sexy H2No 

It is amazing. And it can be found at your local Ulta and possibly even your local Wal-Mart if they have a hair salon. It is amazing. There is no sticky residue there is no white powdery look to the hair and it does add volume and smells great. The downfall is that it is a little pricey. It is almost $20 for a bottle and I do go through at least one per month. So I had to find some more cost effective options. 

I tried Suave and wasn’t a fan. I tried Batise and wasn’t a fan. I have however liked the following: 

This has a great smell and definitely gives you some volume. It is not as buildable so you can really only use it one day and then you need to wash. But it leaves no residue at all makes your hair feel fresh and clean. And it runs about $5 at your local drug store or favorite regular shopping store Target or Wal-Mart. 

Now this formula is buildable for sure. It has an amazing smell. My fiancé actually commented that it smelled really good when I used it. It had all of the benefits and things I look for in a good dry shampoo. And it was reasonable at $6. 

I have heard there are still some really great dry shampoos that are worth it in the higher price points. I received this one in a birch box but haven’t used it yet. 

And my mom gave me this one. She just doesn’t really need the dry shampoo. Someone had told her to use it just for volume but she has found some better products so of course I said I would take it. I have a dry shampoo problem people! 

So it is definitely possible to find a reasonably priced dry shampoo. And I will try to add some pics of my hair when I have used each of these to show you. But until then I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday! What is your favorite hair care item? 



Birch Box late post 

So now that it’s almost December I should share with you my final birch box which was Novembers box. And I will tell you it’s my final box because I received a subscription which was only 6 months long and now that it has expired we have decided that Ipsy is my favorite and I will continue that subscription. Now if someone would like to gift me with more birch box I would never say no! Hehe! 

So here is the next edition of our new series 

And yes my chalkboard needs some work.Chalkboard markers and Pens are not alway the best thing in the world. 

So November Birch Box reveal 

Box this month is super cute. Love the colors. Having a hard time throwing it out honestly because it’s adorable. But as my fiancé reminds me we don’t have enough space for me to hold on to everything. Lol! Now for the goodies:

As always 5 sample size items. 

Shower gel is always fun! This has a minty smell. I’m looking forward to trying it in the morning. After a long holiday weekend I’m going to need something to wake me up and get me moving. 

This is a shadow stick. This is a new line exclusive to Birch Box. I’m not a huge fan of cream shadows but I am excited to give it a try. It seems to be a good neutral color for me. 

  Ok this is face gloss. I don’t know what face gloss is but if someone could tell me that would be great. It says it refreshes dull skin with minimal effort. I have no clue how or when to use this but I will do further research and let you guys know. 
  I have actually heard about the nourishing powers of cranberries and now that I’m old I love to try out moisturizers of all kinds. 
And finally, 

Dry Shampoo. This is my current favorite beauty item. Not just this brand I have heard of it and can’t wait to try it but dry shampoo in general is just amazing! 

So that’s this weeks makeup Monday! Have you found anything new that you love? 

Can’t wait to hear from you!