Makeup Monday – Review No Pore Blem

Happy Monday my makeup loves! Today we are talking about No Pore Blem Prime Essence by Touch In Sol.

I received this product in my June Boxy Charm box. You can check out that post here Makeup Monday. I decided to use this primer for a full week and see what I really thought about it. The first time I used it I realized it was very thin. It runs down your face and is almost watery.

A watery formula in a primer doesn’t worry me too much so we moved forward with trying it. There is no scent really to this primer which I appreciate. Sometimes I find scent after scent building up on my face can be annoying!

The real question is was there a reduction pores? I couldn’t notice friends I’m sorry to say. I don’t think my pores are that large but I really didn’t notice a difference. As far as priming my face and helping my makeup stay on I would say there was definitely a proper wear time. Here is a beginning of the day pic:

Here is the end of the day pic:

I should have taken another pic before I headed for bed but it was a long work day sorry friends.

Overall this was a decent primer. I did not feel like it made my pores smaller and it definitely is not moisturizing in any way but it did help my makeup stay on longer and look fresher longer throughout the day, then many other primers I have tried.

Here is a link to more information if you would like to purchase this product. Purchase Item Here

Overall at a price tag of $22, for me, there are better primers out there. This wasn’t terrible so with our newly created lipstick scale we are going to give this 3 out of 5 lipsticks 💄💄💄.

If you have tried this product let me know. I would love to hear from you! Until next time my friends you are beautiful inside and out!

Love and 💄,



Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 5

Anthony knew that he had better call her office and let them know what had happened. He wasn’t sure what to tell them but he would come up with something. He walked outside and called Britney’s boss. Britney and Anthony had both become friends with her boss, Kathy, over the years and had even shared a summer at Kathy’s lake house along with Kathy and her husband. He dialed the number and listened to the ringing line, truly unsure of what to say if she answered.


“Hello, Kathy? It’s me, Anthony.”

“Hey Tony. What’s up?”

He couldn’t help but be a little frustrated at the happiness in her voice. But he knew that she had no idea why he was calling. She couldn’t have known. “Well, Kathy, I need to tell you something. I am not exactly sure how to say this.”

“Anthony, what is going on?” her voice was suddenly full of concern.

“Britney was in an accident this morning.”

“What kind of accident?”

“A car accident; to be honest, I don’t know exactly what happened yet.”

“Oh my God. Is she ok?”

“Kathy I really don’t know yet. They won’t tell me anything. I am still in the ER waiting to find out something.”

“What can I do Ed?”

“Just pray for her Kathy and for me. I am starting to lose my cool not knowing anything. It is really killing me.”

“I know how much you love her Tony. Don’t worry she is going to be fine. I am sure of it. She has to be. I mean I have never known a woman more full of life. She is going to be fine. Really!”

“I know Kathy, everything is going to be ok.”

“Well I am going to come on down to the hospital and stay with you.”

“No, that is ok. You don’t have to. I will keep you posted. I know that she obviously isn’t going to be in today so I am sure that you have some organizing to do there. I promise I will call as soon as I know anything.”

“Well, Anthony that is sweet of you, but I am coming. She is my friend and I have to there for you too. I know the tough guy act is in full force right now, but I am sure that you could use some support right now.”

“Thanks Kathy. I appreciate it. And you know I guess I could use someone here. It might help with the nurse at the desk. She is starting to give me some pretty dirty looks.”
“You know that I care about you both greatly. And I am sure the nurse means well, she is just doing her job.”

“I know. Kathy it is going to be ok; right?”

“Yes, of course. It is going to be ok. I am sure of it.”

He hung up and walked back inside of the ER waiting room and retook his seat.

Kathy hung up the phone and looked at the wall. She couldn’t her friend had been in an accident. It sounded bad. Anthony was a tough guy. He never freaked out or lost his cool. He wouldn’t have called unless there was something really wrong. The tears came before she could stop them. She opened up and let herself cry. She wasn’t sure why she was crying. She didn’t really know anything about her friend’s situation, but she cried all the same. She knew that Britney was hurt and that was all that mattered. She looked at her computer and all the unanswered emails. She realized quickly that none of that mattered. All that mattered was her friend and making sure that she was OK. She decided to write an email to the department.

‘Good morning everyone, I need to let you all know that Britney Henson has been in a car accident. We are not sure of her status at this time. However, I will keep you all posted. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts. I will be leaving the office for the rest of the day to stay at the hospital with Britney and her family. If everyone would please keep an eye on Britney’s accounts and I will have my cell phone if you should need anything throughout the day. Thank you all for your assistance in this difficult time.’

Kathy hit send. She didn’t bother to turn her Out of Office assistant on. She didn’t care. She wanted to hurry to the hospital. In her haste she didn’t even shut down her computer. Her email was left open as she walked out the door with her purse that she had barely remembered to grab as she left. Kathy headed for the elevator as quickly as she could. She didn’t want to be stopped by employees who would know doubt want additional information about Britney’s condition which she did not have.

Notice – Storytelling

Hello my friends and readers!

I wanted to post a quick update and let you know that I plan to finish posting the fiction story I wrote so that they can read it completely. I love writing fiction and I love writing this blog. We shall see what comes in the future. I am not sure this will be a regular feature of the blog but I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging.

We shall see what comes of the future!

Lots of love and reading my friends,


Drink Review – Nelson’s Favorite Rita

Sometimes when you go out to eat it’s just fun to have a new cocktail. I am a very big fan of margaritas. I’m sure others in my life are not fans of how much of a fan I am lol! Luckily, my husband indulges and our last trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant he found this amazing drink on the menu for me!

So that is a mini bottle of Riunite inside of a giant frozen original margarita. The flavor is an amazing combination of sweet and tangy. The wine creates a unique bloom as you sip this cocktail.

I loved how you could see both drinks in the straw. Clearly I enjoyed this baby!

I love drinks that are a little sweet and a lot fun! Next time you hit up your favorite bar or restaurant see what fun new cocktails they may have!

Here is what it looked like after I poured the remaining wine.

So pretty and tasty!

Happy 🍹 my friends!

Makeup Monday

For my birthday my amazing hubby got me a subscription to a new makeup subscription, Boxy Charm. This subscription is $21 per month and you receive 4-5 full size products per month. The value according to other reviewers and the BoxyCharm website is going to be at least $100 per month.

This is my June box!

My goal is to review each of these products over the next few weeks. I think using them for more than one use will give you a better idea of what you are getting with this subscription. Below I have listed all of the items I have received with their MSRP and the total value of the box.

Tarte – Be You, Naturally, Eyeshadow Palette – MSRP $36

Touch In Sol – No Poreblem Prime Essence – MSRP $23

Dominique Cosmetics – Lemonade Lipgloss MSRP $17

St. Tropez – Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse MSRP $24.50

Dirty Little Secret – Lip Liner MSRP $15

Total box MSRP = $115.50

Overall I was very excited about the box. The brands are familiar and higher end than I normally buy myself. I can tell you I am most excited about the eyeshadow pallet from Tarte cosmetics. I am least excited about the self tanner because it is not something I use but for you, my dear readers, I’m gonna try it and give it an honest review!

Stay tuned next Monday for the first product review.

💄- Becky

Blog Reboot

Happy Monday friends! Today is the day! The blog has been renamed RealGirlReviews! I will be giving you real reviews of things I really use, places I really go, books I’ve really read and recipes I’ve really made!

I realized rant had a little negative sound to it so thought hey let’s make this a full facelift not just a reboot!

I have some fun and exciting things planned for you guys and as it gets under way some things may change some may evolve and some may go away. I want you feedback and your reviews of my reviews. This will help to make sure this blog is useful and informative and most of all entertaining!

Thank you for wanting to join me on this journey! Let’s go find stuff to review!!!



Wedding Wednesday Ceremony Deets 

I wish I could describe walking down the aisle but there are literally no words. I can tell you I had only string quartet music playing because I selected specific music for every part of the ceremony and our DJ did an amazing job with it. I can tell you that my son walked me down the aisle and that not tripping over my dress was honestly a concern. That thing was huge! I was a big ivory cupcake! I remember catching my grooms eye and nothing else in the world mattered. The ceremony was traditional and short. The ceremony was officiated by a friend of my husband’s.  We didn’t write our own vows or anything like that. Just the normal love honor cherish till death do us part kinda thing. The ceremony was a little chilly so we handed out the wedding favor of throw blankets early to keep everyone warm and they were a grand hit. And now here are some pics! I hope you enjoy. I’m also including a link to two of the songs used for the ceremony. My groom entrance and then of course my entrance! It was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life. I got so emotional but I made it through without crying barely. 

Groom entrance
Bride entrance
Happy wedding planning etc my loves!