What’s Inside Your Fridge? 

Oh my fridge. First as usual my disclaimer. My fiancé is so much better about cleaning out the fridge. Second we are blessed with parents that keep us fed. Third we both love to cook so there’s always leftovers. And lastly the outside is way more interesting. I have a thanksgiving drawing from when my 19 year old was like 4. That’s weird right? Haha! Now to show! 

 There’s a lot of cheese in there for a girl trying to stay away from dairy! There’s also a lot of sauces. It’s how we roll! 

What’s in your fridge? 




Friday Free for All 

It’s one week before Christmas. I am sitting here enjoying the tree. 

I’m thinking of years gone by. I’m excited for all of the memories to come! The newest edition to our traditions is this little baby we picked up at the Flea Market. 

Is that cute or what? And of course it will be filled with homemade puppy treats. Not by me but a friend. I will update a link with her website as soon as I can! 

New editions and new traditions are coming in our lives. As I’m preparing for the excitement and fun of the next week what are you thinking about? What are your favorite memories? What are your favorite hopefully new traditions? 

I’m going into this weekend with the joy of the season in my heart. And filled with happiness and blessings of the upcoming year.