If you won the lottery! 

If I won the lottery today oh the things I could think. Powerball today is like $200 million or something. So what would I do with $100 million you know roughly after taxes. Well I can say for sure the wedding and especially the honeymoon would get kicked up a notch. Think flowing champagne and personal butler at the resort for the week long honeymoon. 



Our home would be paid off and a bigger home would be purchased.

   I’d like to say I would keep working but that’s a big ol lie! I would for sure take at least the rest of the year off. I would write more, I would volunteer, I would spend time with friends and family. Lots of trips to everywhere. I hope that my heart would stay the same. I hope I would be able to do some good for my community, my family and my friends. And my one big splurge right away spend would be some good ol Louis luggage and the purse I have been waiting for like my whole life! 

 Ok so it’s so hard to win the lottery the odds are ridiculous but a girl can dream! And dreaming I shall do!

What about you? 




Worst Habits 

Oh gosh; this challenge is really making me dig deep and be really honest with all of you as well as myself. Isn’t it sometimes hardest to be honest with yourself? Worst habits…well I’m a procrastinator. I never start as soon as I should with the exception of my wedding which I haven’t been able to stop planning since we got engaged. And my hopes are often larger then my reality can attain. I take on big projects and can’t always complete them. I have an afghan I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. 

I guess the good part is that I at least keep working at it right? I will rejoice the day I post that this project is complete. But I always have a project in the works so I’m never bored. Life is good. 

Do you have a bad habit? 



What Makes You Sad? 

Yesterday was all about happy and today is about sad. Honestly I try to avoid sadness. I avoid anything that might make me feel sad. I try to find the good and the positive in everything. But I suppose one can’t entirely avoid sadness. So I guess I have to find a way to answer this question. Children being sick, when someone I love is sick or sad. World disasters I still cry every year on 9/11. I cry almost every time I hear the song “Just a Dream” by Carrie Underwood. Other people do that too right? 


But on a personal level what makes me most sad and is often the hardest for me to deal with is being misunderstood. When someone gets their feelings hurt by me or feels I was mean to them when I didn’t mean to. This breaks my heart. 

I guess most people just want to be understood. There is no better feeling in the world then to be “got”. Sometimes we have to ask questions and seek people in our lives that have an open spirit to “get” us. Keeping to the sad theme when we feel alone and misunderstood it’s painful. It causes self doubt and in some self loathing. It can take a drastic and scary turn. But it is important to remember that sadness will be fleeting if you allow it to become a choice rather than the way of life. Now that being said I believe in depression. I know there are times that the sadness can be paralyzing. I know that it can be so overwhelming you can’t describe it. I’ve been there. As a child as an adult I’ve experienced it. But…I don’t let it take over. I’m honest I’m open. I have bad times and I own them. They are my feelings in the moment and it’s ok to have them. They don’t have to make sense. Most of the time when I’m sad it doesn’t even make sense to me. But I have to overcome. So for the majority of my life when hormones and brain chemicals aren’t fighting for control over me and my emotions I choose to focus on the happy. I have bad days. I have bad moments in the middle of good days. It’s hard to be happy all the time. I do try though. Just know that it’s ok to be sad. But it’s also ok to let the sadness go and to keep moving toward the happy. 

Please my friends. Don’t stay on the sad focus on the happy! But if you ever need to chat or need to talk to someone I’m here I’m not a professional but I have an ear. And if you need one I’ll gladly start helping you search for the right professional if you feel you need one. 



What makes you happy? 

Happy is such a subjective term. I am a very simple woman. I would say there are those in my life including my fiancé and my son who would say that I’m almost child like. I get happy by a sunny day or a snowy day or a rain day when I can wear my rain boots and jump in puddles. 

Rainbows after the rain, flowers from the rain. Oh and glitter!

New makeup, a new purse, a comfy throw, snuggling, when my puppy wags her tail 

The sound of the ocean, the beach, watching sharks swim, 

Ice cream, snowmen, a perfect steak, the color pink, penguins 

Girl talk with my mom 

My son! 

My Fiancé 

My besties 

Visiting historical places 

Happy children, sunsets, fall. 

These are just a few of the things that make me happy. Being happy is a choice. It’s not always easy but you can choose it. Go make yourself happy today. That’s my plan! 



Favorite Movie 

I view movies a lot like I view people even the “bad” ones can offer something interesting and often teach us a lesson. There are many movies I have loved over time: Titanic, Grease, XXX State of the Union. But the one I have loved the most is one you probably haven’t heard of or don’t remember if you have. 

The Story of Us. 

Here is a link to the IMDb

Starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. The story follows a couple as they decide the future of their relationship. I love this movie because it is so “real” and so true in its portrayal of the inertia that takes over all of us from time to time specifically in our relationships. It reminds us that sometimes for the best view of ourselves we have to see through the perspective of “us”. I recommend this movie to anyone that needs a good laugh maybe a good cry and especially some great human insight. And most importantly you have to decide if there really is an ass. Warning there is a little language in the video. But man it’s funny and insightful. 

What’s your favorite movie? 



Self Portrait 

 My recent favorites. 

Real – without pretension or hiding. You get me good bad and ugly. I love to share with others and see the big picture. I think that we live in a world of smoke and mirrors and Facebook lives (only revealing what looks pretty). We owe it to each other and to ourselves to be open and honest and share all of it. 

Energetic- most of the time I can just keep going. Until I stop and well, then I stop and fall asleep wherever I am like a one year old. 

Blonde – had a hard time with the “b” and this what the fiancé chose. I am basically blonde most of the time lol! 


Encouragement – I am the encourager of my group and try to always be a positive motivation for those around me. I don’t always succeed at being this for myself but always try.  

Courage – I try to show courage when I don’t have control over a situation. It took some courage to return to school as a 16 year old with a baby.  It took courage to go to night school for college when I was 25 and a single parent. It took courage to change my career path after a layoff. I didn’t necessarily have a choice with a lot of these issues in my life but I hope I showed courage and maybe a little grace through them. 

  Cuddly – another fiancé pick! Hehe! I’m ok with being blonde and cuddly in his eyes for sure!  I know my mom said I was a cuddly baby too. Maybe it just stuck! Hehe! 

 Always smiling. Ok so I sorta cheated with the “a” word but it’s true.  I smile through good and bad. And unless you’re in the very inner circle you don’t ever see the tears. And that’s how I like it. The real part comes in to this too because the secret is that if you keep smiling even when you are sad or angry or overwhelmed eventually you feel better. It helps you handle all of life’s struggles and it makes those around you feel good too. Wrinkles be damned I’ll keep smiling. 

That’s me! 

All “letter” images courtesy of dailydropcap.com check them out for some truly beautiful work and inspiration. 


Becky “Rebecca” 

Favorite Blogs 

Image courtesy http://shawngraham.me/blog/category/blogging 

Every blog I have ever read had something special to offer. I think part of that is probably my fascination with all people. Everyone has a story. Good and bad we all have a story and I find it all interesting. However there have been some very special bloggers that have touched my heart. 

The first is my friend Laurie over at Andiamo. An amazing writer that uses such real vivid imagery in her writing you can’t help but laugh out loud and feel like you are right there with her for each post. I related to her immediately. Her photos and fantastic tales are addictive and a daily treat. And I’m blessed that she is also my friend now in real life too! 

Next would be a new find. Deborah over at Where’s the Fairy Tale? I’ve only just recently started reading this blog but her voice is “real” and fresh. I’m excited to read more and more. 

There are so many more I could go on for days; specific issue blogs are always interesting and have such a place in the blogosphere. I love foodie blogs and of course makeup. Also blogs that face depression and true life issues head-on. This is what my soul needs for my personal journey as well as a great way for anyone to learn a little bit more about their fellow man. 

Lastly, my internet bleach. The blog I go to when I just need to have a good chuckle and forget about anything serious I head over to Cake Wrecks. Messed up cakes are the best and our family has embraced the humor and randomness that are Cake Wrecks. Hence my sons last birthday cake. 

Merry 19th Anniversary. That’s right! 

What do you look for in a blog? What are some of your favorites (maybe mine can make your list someday)?!?!?