Makeup Monday – Elemis Superfood Veggie Mask

Marvelous Monday my lovely readers and friends. Let’s face it if you are reading this, you are probably a friend being nice and reading my blog to make me feel good. I’m OK with it!

So when I got this month’s BoxyCharm box I was only so so excited about the mask. I don’t use masks very often. This particular mask said that you should use it once or twice per week. I’m definitely not a more than once a week kind of user. Also, I don’t know what superfood is going to do on my face but I was definitely willing to check it out. It felt kind of gimmicky to me.


The instructions are pretty basic as far as a mask goes. You put it on all over and you let it sit for 10 minutes. It does say that you might feel a little bit of a tingle. I did not feel this at all. The scent was a minty, licorice, earthy scent. It was oddly appealing and not appealing all at the same time.


This did not go on very thick. I was afraid that I didn’t have enough on. I actually applied twice and this was as thick as it got. I just used my fingers to apply and perhaps that was the problem. I watched a video on Instagram and a girl was using a makeup brush to apply and she seemed to be getting a pretty thick application.

When I removed the mask, my skin felt tight and very clean. My skin also felt very dried out. The tightness had me wishing for a moisturizer right away. As I did this mask before bed, I did go ahead and put on a night cream before bed and my skin felt much better by morning.

I will be honest and let you guys know that I only used this mask once so far. I am going to try it again and then I will probably pass along to a friend to try. I would say if you used this once per week, you would probably get a month or maybe two uses out of the tube.

With an MSRP of $35.00, I would not purchase this mask. The feeling while it was on my face was not bad, but honestly my skin felt so thirsty when I was done and that was not a good feeling for me.

For me this was a 💄💄 out of 5.

Love and 💄,


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