Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 7

Anthony still sitting in the waiting room was ready to go crazy. He couldn’t imagine what could be taking so long. Someone surely would be able to come out and tell him something soon. He thought back to when he had first met Britney. They had met at work. Anthony had been visiting from a sister company and she had been in the same training class with him. He had fallen in love with her from the first moment he saw her.

Britney was stunning. She was wearing a black flowing skirt and a purple sweater, it was low cut, and he of course, had checked her out. He couldn’t help it. Anthony was a man after all. Britney busted him checking her out and laughed about it. He couldn’t believe that she hadn’t slapped him. She just stood there and laughed at him. He knew right then that he had to get to know this girl better. She was something very special.

They were in the training session together for two weeks, and ended up going to lunch together everyday. She was so smart and funny; he had never met a woman that could match his quick wit. Then on the last day of class, she wasn’t there. He didn’t want to ask about her and let everyone know that something could be going on. There really wasn’t anything going on, at least not anything that Britney knew about. She finally came in, and looked flushed. She apologized hurriedly and took her seat. She smiled at him from across the room. That simple smile let him know that she was glad he was there. That smile could light up a whole building let alone a room.

He would find out later that being on time was not her strong suit, and it would be the cause of many arguments later. But that same smile, would also end many of those arguments and make him feel like the only man on the world more times than Britney would ever know. After training ended on that final day, the whole class decided to go out for drinks. Anthony made it his business to make sure that he was at the same table as she was. They talked the whole night, and they hit it off completely, but he was going back to his job and she to hers. He didn’t want to start something that would be complicated by work as well as distance. He lived 1000 miles away.

They, however, continued their friendship for the next six months, and then one day he got the phone call that changed both of their lives forever. Britney’s mother had died. She needed him. He took off from work and went to be with her. When the dust had settled and Britney was better, he still couldn’t bring himself to leave her. So he found a new job and moved to be near her. She had needed him so much then, and he couldn’t have imagined a place he wanted to be more than beside her always. Now he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to be beside her ever again, and he felt as if his heart would stop beating right there.

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