Makeup Monday – Dominique Cosmetics – Lemonade Lipgloss

Happy Monday my makeup loving friends! Today I am going to tell you a bit about my Lemonade Lipgloss. The color, scent, flavor (LOL) that I received in my BoxyCharm box was Peach Tea. I loved the name and it was true to the color. The scent was somewhat Peachy so I was a fan of that.

Here is a link back to my post to give you the deets on the price, etc. June BoxyCharm Review

Overall this was a decent lipgloss. I am one of those girls that is funny about lipgloss. I love for them to look glossy but I don’t love for them to feel sticky on my lips and unfortunately most glosses are just that, very sticky. The wind blows and now you have hair stuck to your lips and you try to get the hair off your lips and you have gloss in your hair and on your cheek and it’s all just a mess. This gloss was no exception it was sticky.

I used the gloss all last week. The first picture was a fresh application and it is sooooo pretty with the glossiness that I got. I really did love it. The middle picture was taken after an application which included a lip liner. The last picture was taken after I had the gloss on for a couple of hours one day. It had reasonable wear but something about the way it settled into sticky, made me want to continue to apply it throughout the day. I realize this sounds confusing but I really believe it got more sticky as it was on my lips longer throughout the day.

Would I wear this gloss for a photo shoot? Sure! If anyone, ever actually wanted me in a photo shoot! LOL! I probably will not continue to wear this regularly but I will keep it handy in the event I just really need something on my lips, because let’s face it friends, those days occur.

Overall, my review is this…if you are a lip gloss person, I really believe that you would love this gloss. If you are more of a balm or regular lipstick wearer,  I would avoid this product.

For me this was a three out of five lipstick review! 💄💄💄

Love and 💄



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