Thursday Story-Telling The Intervention Chapter 6

Britney found herself floating above her own desk at work. She saw her cubicle neighbor Samantha working as normal. She wished she could be doing the same thing. What a strange thought. She found herself realizing how odd it was. She wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or dead, but she would rather be at work?

She floated to her boss’s office. Kathy Greene, so much more than just a boss, she was one of Britney’s best friends. The week Anthony and she had spent with Kathy and her husband at their lake house had been one of the best memories she had of her relationship with Anthony. Anthony and she had not fought the entire week and they had actually had a wonderful time with another couple. Nights had been filled with friendly chatter and wine drinking.

The trip had only been a couple of months ago, yet the relationship with Anthony had dwindled from those glorious nights shortly after they returned home. Perhaps the peace had come simply because they had been with another couple and not wanted to embarrass themselves but she had a distinct feeling that there was another reason that week had been so wonderful. She just couldn’t place her finger on it. Britney floated through the door of her boss’s office and she found it empty. She discovered it was only 9 AM as she glanced at the computer and saw the time on the bottom corner. Where could Kathy be?

As she sat in the chair, Britney couldn’t help but wish that someday it would be hers. She had worked hard at the marketing firm and wanted to grow and have her career with this company. After she was better, if that was a possibility, if she woke up; she would make sure that she was at work on time everyday and that she stayed late. She was ready to give 100 percent to all of her accounts and really prove herself. This desperate desire for a career had been part of Anthony and her problems all along.

She wanted a career so badly that she worked long hours, and she spent more time in the office at times then she did with him. He only wanted her. She had felt at the time that he just didn’t want her to be successful. How could she have thought that? She realized now looking around the office that Kathy couldn’t have much of a life either. She didn’t even have a picture of her husband anywhere to be found in her office. She had talked to Kathy many times about the problems that Anthony and her had, and Kathy confirmed that her and her husband had shared the same difficulties but Kathy’s husband was as much of a workaholic as she was and they had managed to find a happy medium by scheduling at least 3 vacations a year together and giving completely during those times with no cell phones or email at all. It was a compromise that worked for them, but one that Britney was sure would never appease Anthony. She couldn’t imagine Anthony ever being willing to be satisfied with three weeks uninterrupted a year. He wanted to be with her all the time and he someday wanted a family. She wanted these things too, but she really wanted a career as well. She would have to learn how to balance it, if she wanted that family with Tony. The more she thought about it, the more she that she might want that family with him.

Britney glanced the computer screen again and realized that Kathy had left her email open. A new email popped up from Samantha, “Kathy, please let me know if there is anything that I can do. I will handle Britney’s accounts until you get back. Please call us as soon as you hear anything.”

Britney wanted to read more of the email. It was a reply message to something that Kathy had sent. She wondered if she could touch the mouse; after all, she had been able to walk through doors how stable could her body be. Wait a minute. This was a dream. And if she wanted to scroll that mouse she could. She grabbed for the mouse and was able to hold it. She scrolled down the email and read that she had been in a car accident. Britney remembered that she had been in the car on the way to work. She had been thinking that it was time to end things with Anthony and then her favorite song came on the radio. She remembered singing along with the radio but she couldn’t remember anything after that. Had she hurt someone else? Had she driven off of the road? She couldn’t remember anything.

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