New Finds – Prime Now Review 

So you may not have heard about it but there is a service called PrimeNow. This service is home delivery of all kinds of things that you need including groceries and even of the perishable variety. 

I convinced my husband we should try it. I wanted to make bread and we were out of eggs. So I loaded the app on my phone and started hunting for stuff. There was a $20 minimum order which to my understanding can vary by location. So I found things we needed including a case of water and then decided to throw in ice cream for good measure (let’s see how melted it is when it gets here)! My order was placed at 9am and I was given a window of delivery from 10-12. I went about my day and at 11 I had a notice my delivery driver Tom was on his way and I could even track his progress on the app. He arrived at 11:20 with my groceries. 

I ordered eggs they were all in great shape not a crack and still cold. The case of water was delivered without a crack in it lol! The friendly delivery man sat the water just in the door for me. And the piece de la resistance the ice cream. It came in this package: 

And when opened the container was cold very cold and this is how the ice cream looked. 

The app also lets you go ahead and add a tip for the delivery person which is great. None of the groceries were a higher price then I would have paid in the store.  All in all this was a fantastic experience and one I would recommend. 

If you have Amazon prime already this is a free service and I highly recommend giving it a shot. 


2 thoughts on “New Finds – Prime Now Review 

    1. Keep a watch for it. Maybe even download the app for your iPhone. It will tell you if it’s available in your area or possibly if it’s coming soon. It was really an awesome experience.


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