Ranting for Real

So to my lovely readers it has been a while since I have posted a real rant and well it’s time. There was something I just couldn’t keep quiet about and I had to share that with you.

If you watch The View or if you follow conservative circles it’s possible that you have heard about Tomi Lahren. Last Friday, Tomi was on The View on ABC. She made the statement that she is Pro Choice and that in her belief this is the only answer for individuals that want limited government. I found it interesting to hear the interview on The View and to then see that she was getting a lot of heat from Conservative women on this issue. It really struck me and I had to do a rant. And here’s the reason: we all have opinions. I think that we are all so quick to throw a label on something and if it doesn’t match up perfectly with that label we find it confusing and then we attack. Not everyone is going to fit into a perfect bubble and I think as political minds are starting to see, we are in a very different time. We not only have more and more journalists like Tomi that have some varied views on topics but also that are not afraid to share them and share them in a very main stream way. We have a common-sense bug that is flowing through the nation. Our nation has been going on business as usual for far too long and we are starting to find individuals that are questioning everything. And even questioning within their own parties and within their own religions. And I for one, find it revitalizing. I think that Tomi is unique, she is a young very attractive woman and has been able to attract fans from all walks of life, men and women, young and old. But I will tell you I don’t think that the only reason she has all of these fans is because of her looks, I personally think that it is because of her willingness to speak facts that so many won’t in a very straight forward way. Could the traditional conservative party be starting to realize that not all of their views are going to stand up to the voters of tomorrow and how is this going to effect future elections?

I think that while this may have been a blip on the political radar, there is something real going on here. People with real opinions that don’t fit perfectly into a box are coming forward and showing others that it is OK to not fit in the box. As long as we are thinking for ourselves, asking questions and really truly listening to each other we can find the right path to making our country the greatest. Do I think there will be some stumbles? Yes! Do I think that we are preparing for some major successes? Yes! I will be the first to tell you that I don’t make a decision on a topic until I have heard all sides and maybe I’m just not conservative enough but just like when you hear two stories from two people about one incident, both people told what they believed to be the truth, but the reality of the event falls somewhere in the middle.

So as we are navigating this new political world in which a reality star millionaire has become President of the United States let’s remember that attacking each other for being slightly outside of that conservative model is not going to further your cause, it just makes you look a little one sided and closed minded and as we need to bring the country back from uncontrolled debt and other leadership deficiencies maybe focusing on the leadership and the things that really matter in this country rather than attacking a woman for having an opinion that doesn’t truly make for a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.

As always Love,







One thought on “Ranting for Real

  1. Oh goodness yeah I heard about this. So silly really, in the scheme of things going on. This world is really getting astute, especially on social media when it comes to politics. Or maybe it always was and I just never noticed?


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