It’s the final countdown 

We actually have a long countdown. But I wanted to write about your excitement for your wedding versus everyone else’s excitement for your wedding. 

My fiancé bought me this adorable sign and I really love it. We are so close to 100 days and then it will be 60 then 30 and then 1 lol! It’s amazing and exciting and scary and stressful all at the same time. We got engaged almost 18 months before our wedding date. It was a long way off and we did that on purpose. We had plans and wanted to save for the special wedding we both had always wanted. We wanted to share the experience with friends and family and we both wanted to be as involved as possible with decision making. So we were so excited. And others were excited too. But we have had to wait for a very long time. And some of our friends already think we are married. So as we get closer now I’m getting really excited and I want to share that excitement with my friends and family. Since most of them have been on this journey with us the whole time there are some who are getting just as excited which makes it fun! But then there are others who just don’t really seem “into” it any more. This can maybe make me a little sad. But I’m trying to not let it bother me. Emotions tend to run higher and higher the closer you get to the big day. And since I’m a little “special” when it comes to my emotions this has been even more fun for my fiancé and family then perhaps most get to experience. 

So my biggest piece of advice I could give would be to have fun and remember that this is fun and it’s about you and your partner and your special day to share your love. But if you find that some of your friends or family are over the excitement and maybe seem tired of hearing about it cut them some slack it is your wedding so the majority of excitement is yours and choosing a long engagement does come with its own unique set of circumstances. And even if they seem not as excited I have no doubt when your special day comes they will be on board and having a blast with you! So happy weddinging and as a warning if I can figure out how to put a countdown widget on this blog you better believe that I will! 



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