Snack snack snacking 

So sometimes we snack. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t snack. But let’s face it we like snacks. I came across after reading a review I was curious for myself. This is a snack subscription service. They have 4 piece or 8 piece snack options for monthly delivery as well as just purchasing outright snacks. I reached out to this company and they sent me an 8 pack snack box to try out! So yes the product was received to be reviewed but the opinions as always are my own! 

So first packaging! Awesome! It kept the snacks in place and each one being individual and sealed made it so easy to throw in my lunchbag or my purse each day. And being able to see everything before trying was great. 

Next the most important part flavor! All of the flavors lived up to their names. The sweet treats were great without being too sweet and the spicy wasn’t too spicy it was flavorful and not overwhelming. And in case you were wondering the banana caramel dippers were my favorite. Kinda been dreaming about them lol! 

So all in all this is a great company with a quality product. I can’t say I would do a regular service not sure. But man I would order a box for a road trip or even some individual snacks. No matter your snacking needs I would highly recommend trying them out. And just because I’m apparently awesome they gave us a code. You can try your first box for free too! Just use this code when you sign up! 




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