Food Prepping 

So when making choices and decisions about my health I have found that if I plan ahead I definitely do better. And I mean planning each meal. And because of that it is often easiest to prep my food in advance as well! Here’s what I prepped this week! 

Eggs – 20 eggs scrambled 

This is enough for me and my honey to each have 2 eggs every morning during the work week. 

Bacon – it’s nice to have with breakfast as well as in a salad. I also made some and added it to some black beans for a nice addition to a chicken salad. 

In the same pan I made the bacon I made chicken. 

Using this same pan means that I didn’t have to add any extra oil when cooking the chicken. This chicken can be used for salads for lunch and for dinner. It’s going to be great. 

So when I want to be eating this:

I’m having chicken breast instead. 

So for me this is the best way to stay on track. What do you do? 



6 thoughts on “Food Prepping 

  1. I too do a lot of food prep. I follow a low carb lifestyle and usually I make a weeks worth of coconut pancakes for breakfast, but lately I’ve just been bringing two raw eggs to work then at morning break I scramble them with some half&half cream, salt and pepper and microwave them in a mug for 2 minutes. I add some bacon bits and Voila! Breakfast!

    I find that I can stay on track much better if I plan ahead and have my food prepped.

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    1. It’s definitely an individual thing. I try to sit down on Saturday or Sunday and make my shopping list planning out what I want. For me breakfast and lunch are easiest because those are my solo meals. It’s harder to plan dinner for the whole family. Isn’t it funny how we all have our own little struggle. Hope this helps a little!


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