Picking Our Colors

So the one thing that we both knew pretty much right away was our wedding colors. We both had this vision of peach and grey. It has a very soothing feel to me. It just feels romantic and special. Also, it has enough pink to make me happy without being far too girly for him.

It was fun to incorporate the colors that we chose into things like the cookies for my bridesmaids you can see the peach in the photo below.  More the flower color on the cake cookie and a little lighter than the shade on the dress. And of course the beautiful grey on the bell. Also because our venue is a historic location not only is the peach and grey super romantic but it definitely has that vintage feel.

Thinking of pearls and pretty peach dresses just made my heart skip a beat when it came time for planning. There are so many different places to find inspiration when you are planning your special day and searching for those colors, go with what makes your heart happy and makes it skip a beat. And remember it’s not just about the colors its about how the colors/theme makes you feel.

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