So lately I have been battling not feeling well. We decided to send me to an allergist and this is what happened there. 

All of those little tubes had something different to be tested. They all went into my back. 

All of those little dots are the stick marks and potential allergy reactions. They were a combination of food and environmental allergens. 

These were some additional allergy tests for molds. 

So after all of the being stuck and poked and prodded the results came back that I was allergic to all types of mold, trees, grass, and some other environmental allergens. And that I was potentially allergic to Apples, bananas, beef, scallops, oysters, milk, and egg yolks. The doctor said that false positives for food allergies are very possible so he ran blood work to verify. This past week I got the confirmation on the blood work and I have none of those food allergies. However, I’m having reactions to some foods again and my poor weight is sky rocketing which of course is making me depressed and frustrated. My fingers are feet are seeming to remain in a state of being swollen. My poor toes. 

Forgive me I need a manicure but my poor toes are like little fat sausages and it’s killing me. We have me on some supplements that seem to be helping my stomach. We shall see. But we shall continue moving forward hoping and praying that my health recovers and I feel like my old self again! 



4 thoughts on “Lately!!! 

  1. Oh Becky, so sorry! Sometimes we can’t get the answers we need to why our bodies are acting up and it’s hard. You have a lot on your plate right now, hang in and focus on the joy!

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