Food Trucks – Cause well Food Trucks 

So in Nashville one of the perks of working downtown is Food Trucks! And when I can get out of the office for some lunch I love to hit up restaurants and food trucks that are different. A couple weeks ago I hit up this truck! 

Bacon Nation

I want this shirt so bad! Because it’s honest y’all! 

Ultimate BLT 

50/50 burger. It’s beef and bacon and just really right in all the ways that bacon can be! 

Not being able to eat beef for a bit I went this frightening concoction that had chicken as the main protein being enhanced and brought to life by the bacon! 

Perks of downtown working definitely include the food. If you visit downtown Nashville be sure to check for food truck locations and hit them up. It’s definitely worth it! 



3 thoughts on “Food Trucks – Cause well Food Trucks 

  1. Food Trucks are becoming quite the IN thing across the world. My city, Gurgaon India, has been through a foodie revolution over the last year and it’s been amazing following it – on my blog in case you’re interested.

    The ingenuity of the trucks and how they are trying to form a niche for themselves it really great.

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    1. Loved that movie. Part of the reason I have enjoyed the food trucks so much! Lol! And oh my gosh the food is always delicious. We have a day in Nashville where they are like all in one place and it’s amazing.


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