Virago Restaurant Review 

So on my girl’s night a while back we finished our shopping fun with an amazing dinner at Virago in downtown Nashville. I love that my hometown is getting so many amazing restaurants and getting quite the reputation for culinary experiences. 

I wish I could tell you what this cocktail was but I wanted something fun and non-alcoholic (I was driving) and our wonderful bartender made this for me and it didn’t have a name. But man it was good. 

Miso soup is always a hit. And their’s was no joke. Up there with my favorite. 

Edamame is one of my favorite treats. 

Duck confit bowl. All I can say is wow! 

Miso cauliflower. Of everything that I had that night this was literally my favorite. It was misorific!  

My gorgeous bestie! 

Did I mention they had sushi! 

All in all we had a fabulous evening! The food was really great. The company was even better and who knew cauliflower could be so amazing! 

If you are ever in Nashville I hope you will give this restaurant a try! Here’s their website to plan your trip! 

Virago Nashville
And until then, mangia! 




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