Hopes for my blog

This is the face of a “real” girl. Today is the final 30 day challenge post. I’m actually sitting in bed not feeling well as I write this post. My health has been a super struggle for this whole year so far. But I’m trying to think about my blog and its future. My personal future is pretty set and exciting. I’m getting married to the love of my life. We are a new family. But what is the future of this blog? This blog is a baby but a baby with 100 posts. I still can’t believe that! I have gained followers by doing this challenge and learning more about posting effectively for followership. But in the future of my blog it’s not just the followers and the likes that I’m hoping for. It’s that my words make a difference for someone. Obviously my brain and what I enjoy will be heavy in my post. Hello food posts and makeup posts and wedding planning posts. These are the things that are filling my world now. But as that world grows and expands I hope that my blog will grow with me. Sometimes I can be serious. I have suffered with weight issues and health issues and depression issues. There are things I would love to share so someone else doesn’t feel alone. I’m pretty opinionated about some things and would love to start sharing that more. My last post on my confession probably was my least read post which I found interesting but I also didn’t find it discouraging. My voice will be there for the right ear at the right time and I’m absolutely certain that I have nothing to do with that other than being myself and doing what feels right for me and my blog. Will there be silly content? Yes! Will there be serious content? Yes! Will there be things you like and things you don’t? Yes! But most of all you will be reading real thoughts and real issues from a real girl that doesn’t mind being a little basic and a lot caring! I hope you stick around for the ride. And if there’s a topic you are interested in I haven’t touched on yet please drop a line or comment below I would be happy to right a post for you! 🙂 




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