Most Embarrassing Moment 

I’m not one to be embarrassed. It would take a lot to make me blush even. Now let me tell you something else about me. I think that girls shouldn’t burp or poot in front of anyone. Save that for your private time in the restroom. 

Found this on the Internet I could spend all the time in this room. 

I like to keep the mystery. I have a fiancé and a son. I like to be ladylike. Sorry I’m sure that’s not a popular opinion anymore but it’s what I believe.

Anyway the subject of this post is most embarrassing moment and I had a doozy. Well at least for me. Do I have your attention? 

One afternoon when me and my fiancé had been dating about a year and we were sitting on the couch just hanging out. He saw something funny on YouTube and had to share it with me. Then he proceeded to talk in a funny voice and just generally make me laugh! He does this a lot. 

Any who right about mid laugh something horrible happened! I pooted! 

I thought I was gonna die! I was mortified. Now my man being the amazing person that he is started laughing. I mean really laughing. And then I laughed some more. He said he had been waiting for me to poot for so long and if making me laugh caused it. He couldn’t be happier. And it was funny!

So yes I’ll keep finding alone time for bodily functions. As funny as they may be. And hopefully he’ll keep making me laugh anyway! 



7 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Moment 

    1. Yes it can happen! I have friends that barely keep the door closed to the bathroom anymore as a couple. Do you think it hurts the magic at all? Would you go back if you could? Just curious. I’m new to this couple thing so advice and opinion is always welcome!


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