Hidden Talent

So yeah that pic has nothing to do with today’s post but I had to! I mean really people! I daily can’t even! Now onto the talent portion of our program. 

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing about me that’s hidden. I don’t have a ton of talents. Maybe cooking could be hidden because you all get pics and recipes but don’t get to taste it. I’m pretty detailed when planning events. And most of my friends would consider me something of a wordsmith. I can make almost anything “sound” better. 
To be honest I don’t think we should hide our talents. I think the talents we were given should be shared. Each talent is a gift to you for you to give to someone else. My favorite gifts to share would definitely be crocheting and cooking. I love to make things for people that I care about like scarves, blankets and of course food. Searching for recipes for someone’s favorite food and and then making them  for family and friends makes me so happy. 

So what talents do you have that you should share with the world? 



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