Biggest Regret 

I try not to have regrets. I try to be up front and honest with myself about my intentions. I also try to accept the decisions I have made and move forward with my life. But I also believe that regrets are something that can just happen in our minds. 

If I stop and really think about my life and regrets, the biggest thing I would want to change would be, making sure that I was spending more time with my son when he was growing up. 

It was just me and him so obviously I was there. I was as present as I thought I could be at the time. But I worked a lot and I was tired a lot. 

I didn’t play with him enough. I didn’t make sure he was succeeding like I should have. I think about being at his football practices and I would be working on my homework for college and taking work phone calls because I thought I had to. 

If I could do it all over I would start when he was born and treasure every moment even more then I did at the time. There would have been trips to the zoo, the park, maybe a farm. I would go back and find a way to put all the memories and special moments in his path so that as he grew his heart would always feel my presence. 

I can only pray that he knows I thought I was doing the right thing when I went to school at night or worked two jobs. I was trying to better myself for him. I know that good came from all of the sacrifice but I sure missed a lot too. 

So now I’m going to give my kid a huge hug and a kiss and drink some wine! 

Remember regrets or wanting to do something differently will enter your mind. Face it and move on. Don’t live in regret. Live in the now and make decisions for the place you are now. 



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