Worst Habits 

Oh gosh; this challenge is really making me dig deep and be really honest with all of you as well as myself. Isn’t it sometimes hardest to be honest with yourself? Worst habits…well I’m a procrastinator. I never start as soon as I should with the exception of my wedding which I haven’t been able to stop planning since we got engaged. And my hopes are often larger then my reality can attain. I take on big projects and can’t always complete them. I have an afghan I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. 

I guess the good part is that I at least keep working at it right? I will rejoice the day I post that this project is complete. But I always have a project in the works so I’m never bored. Life is good. 

Do you have a bad habit? 



2 thoughts on “Worst Habits 

  1. I bite my fingernails and cuticles. Till they bleed. But that’s just a gross habit. I find it so hard to believe with all the insane planning you’ve done for your wedding that you’re a legit procrastinator. Lol

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