What Makes You Sad? 

Yesterday was all about happy and today is about sad. Honestly I try to avoid sadness. I avoid anything that might make me feel sad. I try to find the good and the positive in everything. But I suppose one can’t entirely avoid sadness. So I guess I have to find a way to answer this question. Children being sick, when someone I love is sick or sad. World disasters I still cry every year on 9/11. I cry almost every time I hear the song “Just a Dream” by Carrie Underwood. Other people do that too right? 


But on a personal level what makes me most sad and is often the hardest for me to deal with is being misunderstood. When someone gets their feelings hurt by me or feels I was mean to them when I didn’t mean to. This breaks my heart. 

I guess most people just want to be understood. There is no better feeling in the world then to be “got”. Sometimes we have to ask questions and seek people in our lives that have an open spirit to “get” us. Keeping to the sad theme when we feel alone and misunderstood it’s painful. It causes self doubt and in some self loathing. It can take a drastic and scary turn. But it is important to remember that sadness will be fleeting if you allow it to become a choice rather than the way of life. Now that being said I believe in depression. I know there are times that the sadness can be paralyzing. I know that it can be so overwhelming you can’t describe it. I’ve been there. As a child as an adult I’ve experienced it. But…I don’t let it take over. I’m honest I’m open. I have bad times and I own them. They are my feelings in the moment and it’s ok to have them. They don’t have to make sense. Most of the time when I’m sad it doesn’t even make sense to me. But I have to overcome. So for the majority of my life when hormones and brain chemicals aren’t fighting for control over me and my emotions I choose to focus on the happy. I have bad days. I have bad moments in the middle of good days. It’s hard to be happy all the time. I do try though. Just know that it’s ok to be sad. But it’s also ok to let the sadness go and to keep moving toward the happy. 

Please my friends. Don’t stay on the sad focus on the happy! But if you ever need to chat or need to talk to someone I’m here I’m not a professional but I have an ear. And if you need one I’ll gladly start helping you search for the right professional if you feel you need one. 



4 thoughts on “What Makes You Sad? 

  1. It’s nice when you finally meet people that “get” you. I have walked around most of my life feeling misunderstood. It does make me sad, it does make me feel like the world is against me. But you know what, finally, finally the world is shifting where I have those people that understand me. That let me be me. I am also happy that I can be one of those people for others.

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