Favorite Movie 

I view movies a lot like I view people even the “bad” ones can offer something interesting and often teach us a lesson. There are many movies I have loved over time: Titanic, Grease, XXX State of the Union. But the one I have loved the most is one you probably haven’t heard of or don’t remember if you have. 

The Story of Us. 

Here is a link to the IMDb

Starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. The story follows a couple as they decide the future of their relationship. I love this movie because it is so “real” and so true in its portrayal of the inertia that takes over all of us from time to time specifically in our relationships. It reminds us that sometimes for the best view of ourselves we have to see through the perspective of “us”. I recommend this movie to anyone that needs a good laugh maybe a good cry and especially some great human insight. And most importantly you have to decide if there really is an ass. Warning there is a little language in the video. But man it’s funny and insightful. 

What’s your favorite movie? 



4 thoughts on “Favorite Movie 

  1. Interesting choice. I think Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer are great as the couple who’s marriage is on the rocks in The Story Of Us.
    Director Rob Reiner also directed When Harry Met Sally and Katie and Ben Jordan kind of remind me of Harry and Sally 15 years on.
    I definitely think it’s time I watched The Story of Us again!

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