Self Portrait 

 My recent favorites. 

Real – without pretension or hiding. You get me good bad and ugly. I love to share with others and see the big picture. I think that we live in a world of smoke and mirrors and Facebook lives (only revealing what looks pretty). We owe it to each other and to ourselves to be open and honest and share all of it. 

Energetic- most of the time I can just keep going. Until I stop and well, then I stop and fall asleep wherever I am like a one year old. 

Blonde – had a hard time with the “b” and this what the fiancé chose. I am basically blonde most of the time lol! 


Encouragement – I am the encourager of my group and try to always be a positive motivation for those around me. I don’t always succeed at being this for myself but always try.  

Courage – I try to show courage when I don’t have control over a situation. It took some courage to return to school as a 16 year old with a baby.  It took courage to go to night school for college when I was 25 and a single parent. It took courage to change my career path after a layoff. I didn’t necessarily have a choice with a lot of these issues in my life but I hope I showed courage and maybe a little grace through them. 

  Cuddly – another fiancé pick! Hehe! I’m ok with being blonde and cuddly in his eyes for sure!  I know my mom said I was a cuddly baby too. Maybe it just stuck! Hehe! 

 Always smiling. Ok so I sorta cheated with the “a” word but it’s true.  I smile through good and bad. And unless you’re in the very inner circle you don’t ever see the tears. And that’s how I like it. The real part comes in to this too because the secret is that if you keep smiling even when you are sad or angry or overwhelmed eventually you feel better. It helps you handle all of life’s struggles and it makes those around you feel good too. Wrinkles be damned I’ll keep smiling. 

That’s me! 

All “letter” images courtesy of check them out for some truly beautiful work and inspiration. 


Becky “Rebecca” 

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