Favorite Blogs 

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Every blog I have ever read had something special to offer. I think part of that is probably my fascination with all people. Everyone has a story. Good and bad we all have a story and I find it all interesting. However there have been some very special bloggers that have touched my heart. 

The first is my friend Laurie over at Andiamo. An amazing writer that uses such real vivid imagery in her writing you can’t help but laugh out loud and feel like you are right there with her for each post. I related to her immediately. Her photos and fantastic tales are addictive and a daily treat. And I’m blessed that she is also my friend now in real life too! 

Next would be a new find. Deborah over at Where’s the Fairy Tale? I’ve only just recently started reading this blog but her voice is “real” and fresh. I’m excited to read more and more. 

There are so many more I could go on for days; specific issue blogs are always interesting and have such a place in the blogosphere. I love foodie blogs and of course makeup. Also blogs that face depression and true life issues head-on. This is what my soul needs for my personal journey as well as a great way for anyone to learn a little bit more about their fellow man. 

Lastly, my internet bleach. The blog I go to when I just need to have a good chuckle and forget about anything serious I head over to Cake Wrecks. Messed up cakes are the best and our family has embraced the humor and randomness that are Cake Wrecks. Hence my sons last birthday cake. 

Merry 19th Anniversary. That’s right! 

What do you look for in a blog? What are some of your favorites (maybe mine can make your list someday)?!?!? 



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