Favorite Subject in School? 

This is probably the easiest question of the whole 30 day challenge. My favorite was reading and writing which led to a passion for history. 

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Communication is key to everything in life from how we express ourselves to how we interpret what comes at us. These lessons are found all throughout the teaching we experience in reading, writing and even history. 

Cultural differences can affect interpretation even in reading and writing lessons as well as history. Believe me if you were raised in NY it was different than if you were raised in TN or perhaps if you were raised in a different country. I’m fascinated by people and places and how we have changed over time. I’ve found a healthy desire to read brought me better understanding and enjoyment out of classes like history, sociology, etc. 

Now sadly my brain works in a special way and all of this abstract stuff I got. Sadly math and science eluded me. I still have a hard time with math. But well I guess it’s good I learned some. I can balance the checkbook and it helps to plan an event. Haha wedding cake for 125 is How much per piece? 

But really I just loved school. I was never picked on. At least not that I remember or cared about much after it happened. I wasn’t popular but I had friends and I feel like I had quite a few. I was opinionated and liked to participate in my classes and drive my teachers crazy I’m sure. But mostly I just loved learning and I loved the social experiment that was school. We are all so different and yet all the same especially during those formative years. I realize not a lot of people loved their school experience but mine wasn’t bad. Even if I did graduate with a kid on my hip lol! I still learned and I still developed some good habits that have treated my well as an adult. And my love of reading, writing and history are all very much a part of who I am today.

What did you like in school? 




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