3 Healthy Habits

If this had said 3 unhealthy habits I could have just started with a slight bacon obsession. Healthy habits are harder to recognize. So I’m going to share the healthy habits I’m trying to improve. 

1. Exercise more regularly. I’m currently taking Krav Maga classes. I shoot for 2 per week. I usually make at least 1 per week. They have added a Saturday morning class and this has been awesome. My fiancé and I do this together so it makes it not only a great workout but some great together time. 

No pics from class but this was after a class one night haha! 

2. Washing my face and removing my makeup everyday. I have to admit I’m super lazy. At night I’m just ready to chill and then go to bed. So I have purchased this amazing no rinse super simple and great cleanser. I love it. It’s so easy and it works well and my face feels amazing every night and still feels great when I wake up. I highly recommend it. 

3. Writing – this is a healthy habit because it provides my soul and my brain with a positive outlet. I can write anything I want and this lets me keep my brain clear. Sometimes you just need to get it out there. Much of my writing is never shared with others but to me it’s a mental health necessity. 

What good habits do you have or are working to make habits? 



4 thoughts on “3 Healthy Habits

    1. I used to keep baby wipes in the car for that very purpose. I think when my son turned 10 I stopped buying them. Pretty sure there was some sort of embarrassing moment he got mad because I did something mom like haha! But yes good tip! Oh that washing the face. So important.

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