Best Trip of my Life! 

So many trips come to my mind. Senior trip, my son’s first beach trip, the first trip with my fiancé, and the first “family” trip. Me, my fiancé and my son. Now while we may quickly be approaching spring this was a snowboarding trip a few years ago. We went to Perfect North Ski Resort in Indiana.  

 My fiancé is a snowboarder and loves it. I have never been before and this was my son’s second trip. We were testing the family waters if you will with the snow. Haha! The trip was a dream. We had a wonderful time. It was sadly too cold for the slopes and I couldn’t actually stay on my board. As cute as I may look with one. 

 The day we left we visited an aquarium in Kentucky which is my favorite activity. 

And then we all had some Cincinnati chili! If you haven’t had it you need to try it! It’s amazing. And yes there is really that much cheese on that chili and no I couldn’t finish it. It was so much food! Haha! 

The memories of this trip. The laughs and fun we had. The greatest of those memories is that we had our first family vacation and we had the first feels of family that was to come. 

Now I have a honeymoon coming up and that may be replaced as the best trip ever we shall see haha! 

What is your best trip? 




2 thoughts on “Best Trip of my Life! 

  1. Love snowboarding! Well. Skiing in my case. It’s been years since I’ve gone though. Ever since kids. I don’t want to injure myself ha! My favorite trips all include my family and of course Italy!!!!

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    1. Dreaming of Italy! I would love to go so much! I want to learn to ski. I think I could handle it better than snowboarding. Haha! Something about both feet on one board had me nervous. lol!


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