What’s in my bag? 

Well to start there’s always a fairly large bag and I will admit I have a problem. I love bags. Tote bags, makeup bags, handbags. Yes all bags! But here is an overview of my current bag situation. 


So yes my pup is checking out what’s going on and as usual I’m writing this in bed. It’s where I think best really! 

Wanna look closer? 

Notebook and pen or my planner. One is always in my purse. My address book will also make a regular appearance a couple of times per month! And always pens. I usually have a ton! 

Top left is my makeup bag. I will do another what’s in my bag for just that one day. A wedding planning book. If you are local to me. Check out Nashville PerfectWedding Guide. It’s awesome! Compact mirror. Nail kit. Pens. Work phone. Hair clip. 

Wallet – Coach and oh my gosh my favorite purchase. Got on clearance at Macy’s and just love it! Sunglasses my Skagens. You may not know Skagen but quality craftsmanship for sure. I love them so much and they fit over my glasses. Have you seen this pic? 


Lint roller because my puppy! Migraine meds generic of course. Lotion- I buy bath and body works. My mom gets me l’occitane when I’m being spoiled. Antibacterial gel always bath and body works. And yes tums. Because we all need tums.  

So there’s a peek into my bag. Whatcha think? If you know me are you surprised by any of this stuff? What’s in your bag? 




4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? 

  1. My bag isn’t as exciting. I’m obsessed with bags too. I have a lot of them. Currently sporting a fringy backpack style bag from Victoria’s Secret. My wallet is from 21 bags. I have a lot of pens too. All Pilot G-2 (10). I have Giants/Cards tickets in there, it’s a surprise for someone. My chemistry notebooks. Brush. Sun glasses – Juicy Couture. Then, some random things and quarters. 🙂

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    1. Quarters! So many quarters. What do you use them For? I save them and end up buying scratch off tickets or something like once every couple of months! Thanks for sharing!


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