What are you afraid of?

True fear is something that I have experienced. A sick child I couldn’t help, a car accident I don’t completely remember. But I also have some very silly fears. 

I’m afraid of squirrels. My and Carrie Bradshaw have the same opinion of them. 

(Thank you Pinterest) 

And then there are birds. Now one bird up in a tree fine. One bird on the ground across the road (not like close to me or anything) fine. But when they do that migrate thing and there are hundreds of them in a parking lot and on electrical wires I’m suddenly frozen in my tracks. It’s the strangest fear. But from a girl that saw birds when she was 7 is anyone really surprised? 

If only I looked that good running from the birds! 

There are I’m sure more serious psychological fears deep down but come on its MONDAY isn’t that enough to fear! Haha! 

What are you afraid of? 



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