Proudest Moment 

There are so many moments that make me proud. My son being born. My mother graduating with her Master’s degree. My sister getting married. My fiancé getting a job he really wanted. There are so many things that have made me proud of myself and of others. But I will share this one! 

Yes that’s right the day I graduated high school. June 1, 1998. Omg that’s like almost 20 years ago. I feel old now. But back to the proud thing. 

Yep so it’s blurry because it is a picture of a picture but that is me with my diploma and my baby boy! He was just over a year old and yes he got excited when he saw mommy come into the auditorium. 

It was a really hard junior year and senior year but I did it. I finished. And he is the greatest kid. I’m so super proud of him as a human being and yes I’m proud of me for sticking to my goals. 

Such a wonderful memory! 

What are you proud of?



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