Blog Name 

My blog started as a place for me to just talk about whatever I wanted and what randomness may be going on in my world. A typical lifestyle blog if you will. I consider myself a “normal” or “real” girl. I’m not particularly extraordinary in anyway and feel like I can relate to most girls out there. 

We are all just trying to get through this world, loving others, having some fun and hopefully not causing any damage or harm to others along the way. And I think that sharing with others is the best way to experience this world. 

I look now at the word “rant” and I’m not sure it’s appropriate. But it’s what I chose. I suppose at this point a change would hurt more than help. Although having a good healthy “rant” every now and then couldn’t be a bad thing. And let’s face it the monogram is the best! 

What are your thoughts? How do you choose a broad description of a full life-style blog that includes so very much? I mean I have makeup posts and food posts and wedding posts. There’s so very much going on. I guess I’m happy with the name of the blog. It was hard to chose and perhaps someday maybe something shall change but for now it is me. A real girl with the occasional rant! 



2 thoughts on “Blog Name 

  1. i think you chose just fine! rant could be taken in a negative way but anyone who knows you knows you are like the furthest person from a negative person. i never took it as a rant in that sense.

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