Chicken Diet oh the monotony! 

Chicken and brown rice. Just the sounds of it is boring huh? Well when you are trying to get healthy and eat right and possibly on a cleanse this is the food you have to eat. Along with your fruits and veggies and healthy fats lol! So I had a crazy plan to make three different dishes from one package of chicken! Here’s what happened! 


Red beans and rice with chicken instead of sausage. It’s soooo good! 

I call this fiesta chicken. Add some salsa on top just before serving and delish! You could of course add cheese and sour cream but not quite as healthy right? Haha! It’s actually very tasty as is I was impressed and the 18 year old liked it too! 


Alright so the last one was a seriously last one and I just had to do something different. So I took a can of manwich and added that to the chicken and then added some brown rice when it was all cooked through. It’s like bbq chicken and a good way to use a random can I had in the cabinet. Not the best as far as healthy because there is a lot of sugar in manwich but a new take on a classic dish that was very tasty! 

So what fun and exciting thing have you done to chicken lately? 

Until next time Mangia, 


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